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let me go

I sat across from a friend. We both had our phones out, texting other friends or IMing or FBing or otherwise NOT interacting with each other. I put down my phone and laughed. I took his phone out of his hands. He laughed. “wait, just hit send real quick” he said. Fine. Send. Ok, now let’s talk.

We are SO connected we become unconnected. Living in the moment is the single greatest gift we get and we ruin it. With all the talk about how technology makes us more networked and social (and it does, if you spend any time at my blog at all before this moment, you know I believe this), we also talk about how we need to unplug and do “real” life.

There are some people who take texting and social media as rude. It could be seen as the equivalent of talking to one person while beating another person with a baseball bat. It’s just awkward.

I suppose that you could see it as the fact that the person you’re with isn’t interesting enough to keep a conversation going and/or you are trying to set up a meeting spot with a friend who is both more interesting and can play the saw with a violin bow because that trumps whatever else anyone else is doing at any given moment. And so, like at a social gathering in real life, we are constantly making choices about whom we will “waste” our time on and if I can only just extricate myself from this dullard with bad breath, I can go over there and get a beer as well as stand next to that hot guy in blue britches.

But what if we just stopped the technology? What if we just let everything else go – anything that is not right here right now? What if we put down our phones and just stared at each other for a second? What would happen? Would the world implode or would we actually have the kind of conversation that makes all the cares of the world seem to fade away?

I don’t know the answer to that. I’m googling it right now…

and this…


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