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Aging, evil stepmothers, pretty girls who can’t act and other maladies of women

I mean “malady” has the word “lady” in it, people! Why are we still so bitter about women? Heres what I mean…

  1. The most recent Snow White depicts, quite well I might add, the frustration of a once gorgeous woman afraid of aging and withering away. The age-old (pun intended) struggle of women for meaning (is it in being beautiful or in actually doing something or other?) and power (am I listened to because I make sense or because I have a knife to your throat?) becomes the basis for many an evil witch. Pretty much every woman who is not good and beautiful and pure in fairy tales is the witch. Or the dead mother.
  2. We continue to cast (and by we I mean not me) mediocre actresses and write them trivial lines. Although on the plus side, at least Snow White and the Huntsman also cast the brilliant and radiant Charlize Theron who did an amazing job capturing the evil and bitterness and internal turmoil of a woman becoming irrelevant. Wonder if that hit a bit too close to home?
  3. Will men ever be attracted to something other than beauty? Another blog for another day.
  4. Can Chris Hemsworth please come over and teach me how to fight? Thanks in advance.

In other news, I am now looking forward to Prometheus even more now because of Charlize. I thought she was going to be kind of a throw away character just to give some star power and just scream and cry and look fetching.

Also this…


2 thoughts on “Aging, evil stepmothers, pretty girls who can’t act and other maladies of women

  1. I went to the premiere!!! I wrote a blog about how women were depicted in films if you want to look at it based on Professor Marina Werner’s lecture on films.

    Tangled was also about the fear of aging… this is horrible to be showing to little girls, or all women!

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