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how to know when you’re in love

“When I fall in love… it will be for at least until he says he didn’t really like Batman Begins.”

So, I am surprised at the number of Christians I know who haven’t really read the Bible. Like at all. Maybe surprise is too strong a word. I mean appalled. But seriously, it is fascinating to me that people who call themselves Christian don’t really believe that the Bible is the true and breathing Word of God Himself made clear to us and given for our good.

You say, now wait a tic, Robin Jester. We believe that. And I go, oh yea? When was the last time you read huge chunks of the thing and really clung to every word? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not being totally superior because I’ll fully admit, I don’t read it as often as I should and I gloss over the harder parts that make my head spin. And sometimes I would rather do stuff like watch that episode of Family Guy for the 100th time or read a comic book about a teenager who kills zombies or you know blog or whatever.

But the truth is when you are in love, you communicate. A lot.

I think about times I have been really smitten with someone. You remember what that’s like right? I vaguely do. You send an email and you wait a couple minutes and then start to click refresh five times in a row just to make sure you didn’t miss his reply. And then you go back and reread what you wrote to make sure you didn’t have too many misspellings or that everything you said was mostly clear and not foolish. And then finally after a dreadfully slow ten minutes… new mail! And then you read every word 20 times sometimes going over a line over and over to make sure he really said what you think he said and then you sigh and smile and sigh again.

There was a day we used to write letters. I have a few handwritten letters from friends, and a card from a boyfriend at the time who wrote this long beautiful note in it. There was a day I had the thing memorized I had read it so much. Especially the part about how great I was.

And the thing is that the Bible tells us who we are and how much we are loved and pursued and sought after. We tend to focus on the part that makes us feel worthless and sad. Many non-Christians take issue with the parts that condemn and judge, the parts that tell us what we should and shouldn’t do and the Bible feels like a textbook and the worst kind.

And maybe that’s because Christians don’t even know how to explain it. They don’t really know what’s in it and they don’t really grasp the breadth and length of the Grace contained in it. And it takes an entire lifetime to do so. And when you put it in terms of a relationship with a Creator and Lover of your soul, you begin to realize that like with any relationship it takes time. Time to know and be known, time to struggle through hard things, not avoiding the realities of life and decisions to be made about your relationships and mutual good, time to figure out where it’s all going and where you think you should end up. And the beauty of the relationship with an almighty God is that you learn the end of the story and the rest is all details. Important details, mind you, but there’s no getting out of the final chapter.

We are created for love. It’s in our blood and our souls. When you love someone there is nothing you would not do for them and you want every waking moment together. You know how they tick. You know what they will want to do in mostly any situation. You will understand how they react. You might know their favorite ice cream. (Well, there’s time for that.) And I can’t help but wonder how many Christians really know their God, in and out – as far as we are able. Because you can’t really claim to be in love with someone you don’t know.

also, this is Howard Jones. for anyone who may not know who he is…


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