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first do no harm

I am terribly upset this morning for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the news of the devastating incident at the movie in Aurora, Colorado last night. I went to a midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises. I thought about what I would have done if someone came in and starting shooting people. I have several things I want to say about it.

First, do no harm. It is not about you or your survival. I am always appalled at how people panic and fall into a chaotic mess. The irony of the movie scene playing in the background is not lost on this tragedy. People screaming, running in every direction. This is natural and human. Let’s be NOT natural and NOT human. Let’s be SUPER human and let’s stay calm and rational. Let’s be good to each other and not trample children for our own safety. Let’s not freak out.

I’ve been in two situations that were somewhat scary and hostile. I was not a deer in headlights, but I didn’t scream and run around like an idiot. I would like to think if something of this nature happened, my gut instinct would not be personal safety and getting out alive. It would be that ALL of us would be safe and get out alive. I would hope. God forbid I am ever put to that test, but I will hold myself to that standard and anyone with a head on his shoulders should do the same. Get training if needed. Go to a first aid class. Take CPR. Just be useful. If you’re hysterical, I will punch you.

Secondly, I am personally insulted by the people, especially media, who take this kind of story and spin it to a political fiasco. To those reporters and the editors making the decisions to run in that direction – SHUT UP. SHUT UP. And again I say SHUT UP.

Thirdly, what if we all were trained. I’m not saying I support a system like Switzerland where everyone serves in the military. or maybe I am. I don’t know. Incidences like this make me think of folks I know who are armed with concealed carry weapons. I think about how they are comfortable and careful with guns. I am not a huge supporter of guns as a general rule and I hate the idea of having them in my presence. But I also feel a certain comfort knowing someone who is responsible and trained and has every intention of providing public safety at great risk to his own personal safety. I am floored that people’s responses are more along the lines of get rid of guns than train yourselves to defend and protect.

Finally, I am always driven to my knees when something like this happens. I cannot say enough how life is short and you never know at any given moment what could and will happen. Every moment counts and every day is a gift. Use it well. Do not live in fear. Perfect love casts out fear.

And let’s hold off on the apocalypse talk for a few days at least, shall we?

With love and prayers to all in Aurora and to the families of the victims and the shooter himself. Yes I am praying for him as well. May God have mercy on us all.


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