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If something is new, are multiple things news?

So much is going on in my life right now that it is amazing to me that I haven’t spontaneously combusted yet. Any moment now and it could happen. no one can prove otherwise.

My new place is absolutely fabulous. I love it. I find it amusing and ironic that I live there. I visited there often when my landlord / friend lived there. I’ve been so busy that it just hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m living in a new place. I almost felt last night like I was on vacation at a hotel and had to go back home at some point. It is the kind of fun place I always wanted and I have the kind of library which makes me want to never leave my library.

And then there’s everything going on with church and our lead pastor search and events coming up and feeling like we’re on the edge of the best part of the ride and everyone needs to hold on!!

And then there’s Rob and a new relationship and sometimes feeling like a little school girl with a crush who can’t stop smiling and wanting to bust out into song at any given moment. And I know that will fade a bit with time, but somehow I also know it won’t fade as much as it has in the past because this time is completely different and in this case different is good. Very good.

But in case any one starts thinking I’m just all Pollyanna on smack, there is always sadness. There is always heartache underneath it all. There are always reminders just under the surface of difficult times and tough choices and lives and hearts breaking in two all around, and I don’t want to be sunshine on a cloudy day all the time. Sometimes clouds and rain can be beautiful and there wouldn’t be any joy without sorrow. We wouldn’t know it and we wouldn’t feel it.

And so I thrive on these days, when things work out and love saves the day and I treasure them in my heart for the rainy days. Except I love rain. So let’s say the dark days. Though I don’t mind the dark either. Whatever. You know what I mean…

my chalkboard wall

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