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a movie review: bane rises

Wait, I mean, The Dark Knight Rises.

So here is the much anticipated Robin Jester movie review… Now that I’ve seen the movie twice, I feel prepared to finish my thoughts here and publish. So here goes. Spoilers, needless to say, are within… all over the place.

First off, and I feel this is important to start with, I will go ahead and say that the villain outshines the “hero” once again. I felt that the 2nd movie of the Nolan trilogy (and it shall be referred to as that from now for all time) made Bruce Wayne out to be a whiny little girl. The 1st movie was just establishing his character so you let him get away with a little whining. His parents were killed in front of him. (Plus his mom screamed like a pig which I have discussed before HERE and won’t again.) And as anyone can tell you, that will mess with your head, putting it mildly. It’s understandable then that Bruce would spend much of the movie working out his demons and committing to saving Gotham.

So by the time the 2nd movie rolls along, and the amount of time that passes, roughly a few years any way, you would think that he would be a little farther along in his role as the caped crusader. I realize this is the crux of the character of Bruce Wayne – the whole love AND hate the Batman thing. But I also feel fairly strongly that the flawed characterizations are what makes them human, as opposed to the villains who are one dimensional and hellbent on destruction with singular purpose and don’t have to be complex or distraught.

But they still are pretty spectacular. Bane not the least example of this. I mean compared to Bane’s get-up, Batman looks like a bit of a poof.

Anyway, that aside, this story in my opinion, held together even better than the 1st movie and infinitely better than the 2nd movie. My biggest complaints with the 2nd movie is it rambled and you kept feeling like this has to be the climax, and …. no. More big explosions to come. It got tedious. You don’t ever want a big explosion to be tedious. That’s like Blockbuster Making 101.

I was really trying to withhold judgment on the catwoman character. I have never been a huge fan really, but I have to admit that Hathaway did a much better job than expected, not that my expectations were all that high, but still. She played it well I think without being overly obvious. She was the right amount of snark and of course she had a good voice for it and also not to over the top with the sultry kitten thing. I mean no one does catwoman like Eartha, so of course no one should try.

I also loved the twist of Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter in the story, though in the comics she actually falls in love with Bruce Wayne along the way and wants him to join her in the League and all that. It’s glossed over a bit for sake of an already 3 hour long movie, so I’ll forgive that. But at some point, I knew that was the direction it was going because in one scene the little kid looked like a girl to me and then I figured with the accent, because everybody who has an accent is related in movies. Heck, maybe Alfred is Ra’s’ long lost brother. Who knows.

I will say that the one and only shortcoming was that Bruce Wayne didn’t die and that whole scene with Alfred by the grave was a bit trite as if it was thrown in the last minute. The idea of Alfred “failing” Thomas Wayne might have worked better earlier when Bruce put the cape back on and Alfred “knew” he would die if he did. That scene might have worked ok right after he told Bruce about Rachel’s letter and then deciding to leave – then the next cut could be him at the grave of Thomas and saying that he failed. But that’s not the choice Nolan made and he didn’t ask me.

And finally, Robin. I have had the love/hate relationship with Robin all my life. Name notwithstanding, I always thought Robin was a little on the lame side. But that was based mostly on the TV show and let’s face it, those tights do nothing for anyone. But I have to say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt held his own. He has been a favorite of mine since 10 Things I Hate About You (yes that silly movie but it has Heath Ledger in it which makes me sad) and his brief appearance in A River Runs Through It. Cute as a button as a kid, and now a handsome young man who looks pretty good in a uniform. He was sweet and convincing and had that great moment in Bruce’s study which definitely lends itself to the next series of Robin 3000 or whatever direction someone decides to take this. But it won’t be Nolan. Which is fine by me because it does seem someone needs to take over. And you know they will.

So, the overall movie was excellent and fun and interesting and I am excited for when the DVDs come out with lots of extra stuff on it. Like I’m super curious how they made Bane’s mask.

haha… cute…


6 thoughts on “a movie review: bane rises

  1. Hmmm, I didn’t find Bane that compelling, maybe because all of the interesting bits of his life were told in flashback. And most of the time, I didn’t even know the flashback was about Bane until later and the flashback misdirection clouded it even further (who’s that little guy climbing up that wall? Er, girl?). Maybe it would have felt different if I’d read the comics.

    Tasca is also a big fan of The Boy with Three Names and convinced me to watch Brick over the summer, which I liked pretty well.

  2. ohhh darn – i meant to talk about the flashback thing too. the whole show don’t tell principle. I did find that it’s pretty true to life or whatever because that’s how we find out about people through them telling us stories. but at the same time, the pacing of the movie gets a bit clouded as you put it when it’s all told in flashbacks. I did think they could have started with a kid climbing out of the pit. but that opening sequence was pretty rad. but then again my favorite movies are all action/violence while yours are all grass growing and slow lovemaking with clouds passing by… so there’s that 😉

  3. Yes, the grass is very pretty in Rez Dogs and Pulp Fiction and Kill Bills and Bourne Again and Again and Again. And the ones with that guy who likes to kill people and eat them with over-rated Italian wine.

    I do tend to pay less and less attention to bangs (well…) and chases, especially if they’re just a redone set piece. Parkour stuff can be pretty interesting but not so much cars going fast. Okay, okay, Drive wasn’t bad.

    But, dude, you missed all the French Revolution propoganda that will tear down America stuff. Gah.

  4. No one should take over. Taking over franchises such as this simply buries them in mundaness. Whatever can be said of the Tim Burton films, the true death of the franchise came post Burton.

  5. i liked all the batman films and for different reasons. the 3rd had more holes in it and bane’s voice annoyed the hell out of me but it was all tied together nicely. 2nd still the best imo though

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