elvis presley or elvis costello

My boyfriend likes to play this game Either-Or, where you say two things and you have to choose between them. Coffee or tea. Jon Bon Jovi or Prince. Baby seals or the plague. You get the idea.

It made me think. What if, in every aspect of life, you are constantly choosing between two things – two outcomes – and only two? You either get this or that, no wiggle room in the middle. Of course life is much more complicated and layered than that. We have layers. Onions have layers. As does parfait.

But the truth is that every single action / nonaction, statement / silence, conflict / avoidance, has its repercussions – that whole echoes through eternity thing. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You just can’t.

And what if I told you that every time you make one of these choices – something you do or fail to do, something you say or withhold – you are choosing a side. Every time you do something that breaks someone’s heart. Every time you share gossip about another. Every time you try to jockey about for position or high standing regardless of who you may have to walk over to get there. Every time you turn to vindictive manipulation of God’s children, instead of turning to Grace and kindness and forgiveness and goodness. Every time you fail to let go of anger and resentment, and give in to the temptation of making yourself feel better about yourself or at the very least make someone feel worse about themselves because they should because they were wrong and because they’re a jerk and deserve it and naninanipoopoo.

No matter who has done what to whom, no matter if you feel justified in it, you are choosing a side with every action. You know this or you are ignoring the implications of every step you take. Listen to your heart right now – you know you know this.

The sides are clear. The sides are God’s or Satan’s. Like whoa dude, that’s heavy, man! But I am convinced. If you are not for the way of Grace and Truth and Love and Hope and Beauty, then you fall on the side of sin and darkness and there can be no light in you. It is that clear.

I want to be on the right side. I want to choose the way of love and respect of all God’s children. I want to be edifying and full of redemptive grace, speaking into another’s life with kindness and hope, not tearing down or attempting to control others. I want to win the right to speak into another’s life because I have proven myself faithful to their good and to their purpose and to their right standing in the eyes of God. I want to point others to Jesus every time without fail.

But I will fail. I will be selfish and manipulative. I will write blogs I regret. (Not this one for the record.) And I pray to my ever Loving and Gracious Father that I will be quick to repent, open to rebuke, learning to love better and more sacrificially, and always striving to put others’ needs before my own. You know, trying to live like the child of God that I am…

“And when I cannot stand, I fall on You.
Jesus, You’re my Hope and Stay.

Lord, I need You, oh I need You.
Every hour I need You.
My one Defense, my Righteousness,



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