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baby, baby, where did our dough go?

I was talking to a friend recently about raising money for what we both agreed was a worthy cause but he was having trouble rallying the troops over. It is frustrating to say the least when you are really excited about something and another person just gives one look that deflates your balloon faster than you can say “real pirates are dangerous international terrorists and not something to make light of” ten times fast.

Where DOES your money go? I mean we shell out $8-12 for mostly inane movies, sometimes $2-3 extra for plastic glasses we don’t even keep. We buy another pack of 4 scented candles because we literally just burn the money away so that our homes smell like we baked something because God knows we haven’t baked anything in years. I just bought a rather large TV and the average comment so far has been something like “I would have bought the larger one” and I think, good lord, I have trouble just turning the thing on half the time because I feel like my head will combust.

I made a commitment a few years ago, not to pat myself on the back or anything, that I would support people I care about not always causes I care about. Because to me, supporting a person in what they are passionate about is much more worthwhile. Do I really think that any one organization is going to make THAT much headway in whatever it is that they’re doing… well we could discuss that further some day. I tend to believe that most organizations have the only real goal of awareness and less science or actually curing anything or moving forward. I tend to be skeptical about all nonprofits because not only have I been involved in many nonprofits over the years, I also know way too many people who feign activism when it really boils down to owning a lot of plastic bracelets.

It has long annoyed me that we have to even have fundraisers. Like the idea is that we are going to put all this energy – again to raise awareness more than anything – into creating a spectacular event and everyone can feel good about themselves for doing something or other – something that happens to look like something they would do any other night… drink, dance, wear clothes or costumes they wanted to wear anyway… and that we can get some businesses to say hey we are awesome because we are supporting this nonprofit, now buy our stuff. Or maybe it’s hey you buy all our stuff anyway so we are going to at least try to care about those less fortunate than us who we wouldn’t even hire to stock our shelves.

Did I say I am skeptical?

But what really frosts my tips is that people part with their money for the strangest things. Like frosting your tips. I mean we spend money to look like an accident. No offense to anyone who does this, because I’m sure you look fab!

I ask people for very little really. I don’t typically raise money for things. Money is one of those sensitive subjects and only people who have a lot of it actually talk about it. Except me. I will talk about how I need people who have a lot of it to believe in ME and whatever cause I am currently pursuing.

But in all seriousness, our money is a gift. Just like our lives. And while I wouldn’t purposely walk in front of a speeding train, I try to be careful with every dollar I have and think through what am I really saying about my life with this dollar.

I think I need a burger.

They forgot the label “Wal-mart”

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