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dress this mess

Dress shopping is like water torture for me. Except I like water.

You could argue it’s because I’m so picky. But I know what I want, and I refuse to be uncomfortable. I hate really glittery fancy crap. I hate feeling like I have to plan when to exhale and ask at least two friends to help me into the bathroom. I dont want to worry about something falling down or up or across and I definitely don’t need to be adjusting all day long. I adjust really well in life, I don’t need to adjust fabric and bra straps.

Come to think of it, dress shopping is a lot like dating! Well duh. I have said this more or less before. Dating is like shoe shopping, dress shopping, job shopping, car shopping, etc. All those things have the added component of what you can afford, though you could also stretch the analogy to what you can afford emotionally, mentally, or if you really want to get into it, you can introduce the sugar daddy/mama discussion. But I’m not going there right now.

But the clock is ticking and the reality of having to wear something is setting in. I refuse to be one of those bridezillas and I’m not going to put anyone through all my whining and complaining… I mean other than this blog post.

So I’m not going to be writing about my woes in planning the wedding and instead remember the countless times over the many many many years I have been single and had to listen to my friends whine and moan about every little detail and I’m going to just say that I truly do not care about anything but the words “man and wife” – or “kiss your bride” – maybe a couple other words in there too. So rest assured my friends who are sick and tired of hearing about me and my stupid happiness. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post I’ve titled “Hymn Snobs” having nothing to do with weddings or dating at all!! Woo hoo! (Though it will probably upset a whole different group of people so I’m looking forward to that.)

81 days…


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