random robin

I love Sharpies!

So remember the other day how I wrote in the FAQ that he could have asked me to marry him with a black sharpie and I would have said yes? Well, when Rob came to pick me up last week for our NYC trip, I answered the door and he was on one knee and holding up a black sharpie. This is pretty typical of how our relationship has gone so far.  It really is about finding out what makes the other person smile and feel worth the effort. It’s about figuring out if we can make each other laugh for the rest of our lives, if we really listen and understand each other, if we can pick each other up when one is down, if we can lovingly knock each other down a peg when that needs to happen without contempt or sadism or judgment, if we can truly willingly give up the impermanent things for the things that will last, if we can make choices based on “us” instead of “me,” and if we can find hope in each other’s eyes no matter what the rest of the picture may look like.

I’m not sure you can tell if I’m excited or not. But here’s a story, we went to visit Rob’s paternal grandmother and when we checked in the front desk clerk asked for our names and gave me this badge and it made my heart skip a few beats…  it was a great day.




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