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a deeper look at adoption theology

The use of adoption as a concept shows up throughout scripture. God Himself established the analogy to tell us who we are, where our identity is found, where we were and where we are now. As someone who has been adopted, with every passing year, I find more and more amazing and rich parallels between my “earthly” experiences and the doctrine of adoption. Over the next few months, I will be posting a series about adoption, its use in Scripture and my personal journey through the pain and sorrow to the joy and hope for God’s purposes in family.

And by the way, I’m getting married somewhere in the middle of this, so this may be periodically interrupted with posts about wedding stuff and other life stuff. So stick with me 🙂

Here are the “chapters” for what’s to come:

. identity in a given name

. clinging to the past v. redeeming the past

. appropriating v. adopting cultures

. inheritance as joint heirs

. outward appearances and inward realities

. family structure and allegiances

. social status and acceptance

. other random thoughts as we go / as well as Q&As

Also these blog posts will eventually become the structure of a book that has been forthcoming for, oh, about 20 years now. Don’t hold your breath. I am more than happy to talk with anyone and everyone who asks, so feel free to contact me. No question is stupid or uncalled for. I’m an open book!

Love to all.


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