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Introducing… Rob Wootton

I am marrying a perfect man for me. He is the perfect blend of everything I want and care about. I feel like I need to tell you more about him for those of you who are wondering about this dude who came out of nowhere.

  1. He didn’t come out of nowhere. He grew up in Roanoke, VA.
  2. He went to college at VCU in Richmond. He is an accomplished artist and has done some gorgeous work in paint and sculptures. He also taught high school art. Which is totally hot.
  3. He is very intelligent and reads a lot. But he isn’t bookish or a total dork. I am more of a geek than he is. But that goes without saying.
  4. Because he’s an artist he tends to be very visual, as am I. This helps us to be able to communicate because of the ways we think so similarly and can explain ourselves through stories and visual images.
  5. He was on staff with Intervarsity at ODU. If that means something to you, then it means something to you.
  6. He loves his family and has great pride in them, their accomplishments, their history and heritage. He talks fondly of his mom, his dad, his uncle and sister. He is grateful for their influence on his life and has genuine respect and affection for them.
  7. He is a great dad. He loves his kids. He grieves for them when they are hurting. He takes great pride in them no matter what they do or don’t do. He is an amazing example for all of us in loving well while still letting go of the things he has to let go of, choosing battles wisely, pointing to the cross, and seeking wisdom. He has had to be a dad through a lot of turmoil and change, and has and continues to navigate the best he knows how, relying always on his Perfect Father to see them through it and trusting in Him to guide their paths.
  8. He finds great joy in his kids’ laughter.
  9. He went to seminary and knows everything about the Bible. except he knows that he doesn’t know everything about the Bible.
  10. He is humble and good. He knows he is in constant need of the One Who called him and loves him.
  11. He has a great heart for others and wants everyone to know the Lover of our souls. He does what he can to point others to our great and gracious God.
  12. He cries.
  13. Sometimes in front of everyone.
  14. From the pulpit.
  15. Yeah, so he’s a preacher. And he’s great at sharing his heart and appealing to the listener in a new way, not with formulaic sermons or Christianese catchphrases. He wrestles with the weight of sin and grief and shame and he lays it on the table for all to see and to wonder with him on how God loves and redeems and works all things on his behalf.
  16. He mourns with those who mourn. He rejoices with those who rejoice.
  17. He has a great sense of humor. Mostly meaning he laughs at my jokes.
  18. He is athletic and though I haven’t seen it in person, I heard he is a great goalkeeper in soccer. I did hear this from him. But I am willing to bet he is because he isn’t given to being bad at things.
  19. He seeks counsel from others, humbly letting other people look into his life and speak to his weaknesses and blind spots. This takes a very great, wise man to allow this and indeed to invite it and seek after it.
  20. He has an awesome tattoo.
  21. He is also a great musician. He has a great singing voice and plays guitar really well. In fact, I feel like we need to be THAT couple.
  22. He is a risk taker. Calculated risk taker more or less. He does some crazy things. I’ve seen a small glimpse of this. And I’m totally ok with it and in fact it makes me more proud of him. I am not a huge fan of boring.
  23. He loves the ocean, swimming, walking along it.
  24. He has a Great Dane and has done a fantastic job of training her from when she was a pup. Lilly is an excellent dog and loving and sweet and every where she goes people love her. It’s so fun to watch.
  25. He loves the outdoors and rain and air and dirt.
  26. He likes to cook and is better than me. which isn’t saying much.
  27. He doesn’t make fun of my cooking skills. He doesn’t make fun of me in general or poke at my flaws or point out how dumb I am like others I have dated. He is quick to compliment me and make me feel better when I have failed miserably. In fact, he doesn’t humiliate people or have that thing some people have where they have to put everyone else down. What’s that called… other than jerk?
  28. He encourages me to be strong, to be in prayer, to live purposefully.
  29. He is strong, he is in constant prayer and he lives purposefully.
  30. He is no stranger to tragedy. His father died during the summer between high school and college, just days before leaving for school. He was with him when it happened and he has carried the pain and horror of those moments all his life. It has made him more grateful for time he is given and points him toward his heavenly Father and the great promise of a blessed reunion in that glorious day to come.
  31. He is a cancer survivor, having gone through treatments and is now cancer free. Facing his own prognosis, he was brought through the fire and God granted him more time. Good for me!
  32. In the middle of his cancer treatments, he trained for and passed the Virginia Beach lifeguard exam. He is not, however, as dorky as David Hasselhoff. Also good for me!
  33. He likes zombies. He generally likes everything I like and most of the time gets my references to movies. There is the occasional disagreement on music choices, but we’ll let that slide.
  34. He isn’t afraid of controversy or challenging the system.
  35. He is open and honest and willing to dive into the dark deep icky parts of life and talk through some of the difficult stuff that will affect us, that shapes who we are and what we will become. He doesn’t shy away from what he needs to think about, repent of, turn away from, and do from now on.
  36. He is caring and thoughtful. He hand draws and sends me cards – like in the mail, like real mail, yo!
  37. He asks me for my opinions and for advice. He isn’t a push over or easily manipulated, but he knows the value of hearing what others say.
  38. He is a great kisser.
  39. He is helpful, was absolutely a God-send, literally, when I was moving to a new place. He is strong and works hard and serves others well.
  40. He strives always, learning to live in between the now and the not yet, seeking the face of God and wanting more than anything to love Him better. I could not ask for more in a man than this.

So I think that sums it up. Plus there’s this…


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