Rob’s Rebuttal

I am marrying the perfect woman for me.  I really couldn’t have dreamed up someone better.  Just months before meeting Robin I realized exactly what I needed more than anything and with Robin I have more than I could have hoped for.  At first I thought I’d write a rebuttal, refuting some of the incredibly kind things she had to say but I thought better to let you all know about how wonderful Robin is and why I am blessed to be her betrothed.

  1. She’s a sports fan. The Steelers is her team, whom I was kind of ambivalent about but now I’m likely to join her as my Cowboys continue to under perform   So a woman who would be watching football with or without me, icing on the cake.
  2. She’d prefer pie or ice cream to cake, as would I, and even better, ice cream cake.
  3. She’s good at the spellings, the grammars, and the punctuations. Me? not so much, I need that.
  4. If you’ve been reading this here little blog for long you’ll know that she’s beautifully snarky.  Her cutting wit that rarely crosses the line of offense is one of the first things that attracted me to her, (we sort of met on Facebook, see here for the story http://tinyurl.com/8law7m9)
  5. She’s not afraid of living her life in public, in fact there’s not much she is afraid of.  She is the most courageous woman I’ve known, she faces her fears trusting and knowing that her God will never leave her.
  6. She loves the outdoors.  She got excited when I put camping gear on our wedding registry.  One of our first trips together was camping and it went a long way in solidifying our relationship.  If fact it was on that trip, lying on a hillside in the rain, that she first told me she loved me, (you can read about that here http://tinyurl.com/8avaz5r, I had told her a couple of days earlier).
  7. She loves the ocean, walking along side of it, gazing out to its horizon, and though she’s not much of a swimmer she let me take her out to a sandbar despite her fears (see #5).
  8. So, she’s always up for trying new things food, music, television, you name it.
  9. She loves dogs, even my 125 lbs. giant.  In fact she loves any and all animals, (maybe not snakes), which is good because there are more animals than people in my apartment, a dog, a guinea pig, a hamster, a turtle, two kids, and myself.
  10. She loves The Walking Dead, my favorite TV show of all time.
  11. She loves Batman, my favorite superhero of all time.
  12. She loves sci-fi and fantasy.
  13. She loves books.
  14. She loves to learn and has taken the grad courses to prove it.
  15. I dig her style, wardrobe, spring, summer, fall, and winter, (though I haven’t known her through a winter yet).
  16. She’s smokin hot and I’m totally attracted to her.  After our first date, where we were both a little reserved, I thought to myself, ‘well I’m attracted to this woman so I should see where this goes’.  And if you think looks aren’t important then read this http://tinyurl.com/8fqftqm
  17. We think so similarly about a great many things and all of the important things.
  18. She’s a great kisser, and I love kissing her, her lips are amazing (can I say that here, out loud).
  19. She has gorgeous hair, even after getting most of it cut off.
  20. She’s beautiful but she doesn’t know it.
  21. She loves to hold me and when I hold her.  She loves to hold hands when we walk.  She loves to put her head on my chest.
  22. She loves the visual arts, even more than this visual artist.
  23. Her wide range of musical tastes includes my narrow range and she’s been gracious enough to accompany me to see far more of my favorites than I have to hers, 3 to 1.
  24. She has a beautiful voice and I never tire of listening to her sing.
  25. She’s a fantastic piano player and I really look forward to playing and singing with her.
  26. Her courage (see #5) is again demonstrated when she gets on stage.  Her self-confidence is not in how great she thinks she is but in the knowledge that she’s loved by her Father in heaven.
  27. She sings and plays out at shows because she loves to sing and play not because she wants the attention or the applause.
  28. Even more than loving to sing and play she loves to use her voice and piano skills to worship her God and to lead others to worship.  She defines what it means to be a lead worshiper.
  29. She loves my kids and wants the best for them, not just for them to be happy but for them to know the hope and healing of the gospel.
  30. She loves her family, Father, Mother, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins.  She knows their faults but she knows their glories as well and it’s their glory of which she most often speaks.
  31. She brings joy and laughter into my life.  I’ve laughed more with her in the last few months than I have in the last several years.
  32. She speaks well of everyone and sees what’s good and right about everyone she’s known, even those that have hurt her.  She never loses sight of the image of God in every person, no matter how broken they’ve become.
  33. She’s an outstanding writer and she expresses herself so well with words.  We’ve shared so much of ourselves with each other in writing and it really is her words that won me over.
  34. She’s not afraid of talking about the difficulties of life or the difficulties of her life.  She’s seen how even the horrors are being used by God to bring the beauty of redemption into the world and where she’s yet to see that beauty she has faith in the promised redemption of all things.
  35. She’s suffered deep wounds and has known the healing balm of the gospel in those places.
  36. She communicates the truth of the gospel through her writing in ways that are compelling and beautiful.
  37. She’s is the most welcoming and gracious person I know.  There isn’t anything in your past that would make her shrink away from you.
  38. She’s trusted me with all her fears and struggles.
  39. She rarely cries but she’s trusted me with her tears.
  40. She’s listened to all my fears and struggles and extends unconditional love like we hear about in the bible but see so infrequently.
  41. With Robin I’m fully known and fully loved.

and there’s this

In two months I’ll be blessed to call her my wife.


One thought on “Rob’s Rebuttal

  1. Editor’s Note: We here at robinjester.wordpress.com are not in the habit of posting our own praises… the post above was as much a surprise to us as it may have been to others who thought, well that was pretty self-aggrandizing! Please be assured that we have been infiltrated by a Guest Blogger for the day who, unbeknownst to us, posted as us. That, of course, is what we get for giving our Guest Blogger our password. At least he used the power for good and not for evil.

    and we guess we’ll stop referring to ourselves in the plural. maybe. it sounds more official in the plural for some reason.

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