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After a church service a few years back, a woman at church came up to me and graciously told me that I had a nice voice. She said something like, some day you will get a man with that voice. I remember thinking, ummmm what am I? A siren off the Greek coast? I think I said something like thank you and I would rather lure a man with my words. Maybe I didn’t say that – I might have just thought it at the time. If someone said it again now, I would say that.

I have often hoped that someone will “get” me by this here blog. It’s been a source of encouragement for others, I know that from the messages and comments I get. I hope as much and while I post things because it’s what I’m thinking and I treat this like a public diary, I also know that what I’m going through and thinking about is often what others have thought about or need to think about and they respond to it. Not because I’m such a great writer or that I have any great insight any more than others, but that I am seeking after Wisdom and searching for it high and low until I find it.

That said, on meeting Rob and in the getting to know you process, it was convenient enough for him to read the many many many blog posts and get a sense – well, more than a sense – of who I am and what makes me tick. He and I have often discussed how similar we are in the way we think and express ourselves and that reading what I write has solidified in his mind why he needed to pursue me. A great decision on his part I might add.

So fast forward to now and I am rereading a letter that Rob composed about our wedding. It is making me choke up and realize just how very much I need to be with this man. I couldn’t have written this letter any better and in fact, if you had given me a piece of paper before I read his letter and told me to write this, I probably would have written so much of the exact same thing.

And so it’s been emailed to 500 of our closest friends… haha… and will be sent to others and posted here on my blog and framed probably on my wall. Redemption is always beautiful. True, pure, God focused Love is always beautiful. I am so blessed.

And now we have to go to talk with the caterer… 🙂

The Jester Wootton Wedding Letter…


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