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what are you doing?!?!?!

I say this to my computer sometimes. Don’t you have those moments when your computer just stops working and it seems like it’s taking forever, thinking about working, and you just can’t imagine what’s wrong? Maybe you have too many programs open at once, or maybe it’s downloading some lame update that you don’t even know it’s downloading. Sometimes I do the Ctrl+Alt+Del thing and click on the monitor thingy and watch what it’s doing and marvelling at how much RAM it takes to stream the Justin Bieber youtube channel.

And here’s the thing – I’ve often gotten so caught up in – not Justin Bieber – but how amazing a computer really is! I mean, it’s a long way from the giant machines that IBM came out with or the one from the movie War Games and whatnot. Computers are amazing when you really stop and think about what they do, how they work, how wireless technology works, how everything we do any more is so based on computers and tiny little electronic parts that really do dictate our very lives. So when it takes more than a millisecond to send an email with a 1mb attachment (a photo that you took – I mean cameras are amazing too) we get all flustered.

It’s how we are with people too. We get annoyed with people. The person in line ahead of me cant figure out how to use the little pen to tap in her 4 digit PIN and I really get impatient because I’m late to work where I use Quickbooks to do all my work for me. I mean it’s ludicrous really. We get so annoyed with people and how slow they are. Or how they are too fast or too reckless or too lazy or too loud or too shy or too dramatic or too needy or too slutty or too pompous or too… well the list goes on for a long time. Because we all have a list of things people do and are and say that just plain annoy us.

But we forget just how amazing they are. We forget how wondrously they are made. How every cell in their bodies works together and creates this astonishing mass of life standing in front of you, maybe solidly in your way and getting on your last nerve, but there they are in all their beauty.

And they are beautiful. They are made in the very image of beauty, true breathtaking beauty. A beauty you have only caught a glimpse of, only a small glance, a shadow of a shadow. And we forget, how quickly we forget, just how startling life is.

And we don’t even know what they’re doing. We don’t know what’s bubbling beneath the surface. We don’t know that they just had a huge fight with their husband. We don’t know that her husband pushes her around. We don’t know that his wife was caught with another man just the other night. We don’t know that they have a child diagnosed with a terminal illness. We don’t know the 500 processes running in the background causing general overload on a system that just simply cannot handle it, through no fault of its own. It just wasn’t built for that. It wasn’t built for the wear and tear we experience. Our minds and our bodies and our souls can only take so much before we breakdown.


Oh for grace to see beauty in every face!! Oh for grace to view you as better and more valuable than me! Oh for grace to remember the ocean – the depth and complexity of an ocean – that makes up your soul! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! And I beg your forgiveness for forgetting that – for treating you as if you were not – for making my beauty more wondrous than your beauty – for not loving and embracing all that is you! Let it be to me as I have done to you and may grace abound.

And may my laptop finish downloading and posting this blog in record time.

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