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snot is a sin

You know how you sit across from someone and you’re talking and you laugh or something and you feel like snot just squirt out of your nose and you’re completely appalled? You think, oh my God, that is so gross, I hope they didn’t see that.

Chances are they didn’t notice because they were too busy talking about themselves, or they didnt notice because it only felt like a lot of snot when really you couldn’t tell from a distance at all, or they saw it and are just ignoring it because it’s not a big deal, or they saw it, they are thinking exactly “oh my God that is so gross” and you have to wonder why this person is your friend.

Most people are really super self absorbed and when something happens to you, it barely registers on their scale of important events. They are so wrapped up in their own heads that it takes something more epic than a bit of mucus to notice what’s going on with you.

Then there are those who are so insecure that all they see is you and what you think of them and something like a little snot on their nose will wreck them to the point of being unable to have a normal conversation. Or if they are the passive aggressive type, they will harp on the snot in your nose so that it makes them feel better about themselves and how snot-free they are. They might get defensive like their snot isn’t nearly as bad as your snot. And your snot is more yellow than their snot and they have reasons for their snot where you just have snot for no reason at all.

In reality, we all have snot. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that a major function of the nasal cavity includes the creation of mucus which filters and helps us breathe. I don’t know for sure because I totally hated biology class and just barely paid attention. But I am a fan of breathing.

The deal is that anyone who breathes for a living has no claims on being snot free and in pointing out the snot in others seems, well, snotty. I have nothing on you that someone else doesn’t have on me. and hopefully not snot on me because that’s icky. But the finger pointing and name calling seems misguided at best. I am not better than you and you are not better than me. We all come short of the standard. And the sooner we all realize that we’re in the same boat, the sooner we will stop trying to sink everyone else. Cuz that’s snot cool. It’s just snot.

I don’t really know anything about this.



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