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walking dead spoilers within…

You’ve been warned. Don’t read any more if you haven’t seen the last episode and don’t want to know what happens yet… because it’s nuts. Oh and Rob totally called it.

Ok, read here 🙂

So the thing with Lori’s death is that you knew it was coming from a mile away and you had the sense that Rick was going to lose it because he’s kinda been on the edge for awhile now. It was crazy that they had the kid have to shoot her, though I was skeptical that he actually did and thought maybe she would come back at some point and attack Rick. Cuz that would be intense. And fun. And messed up.

But when I was thinking about it on my drive home, I thought how everything Lori said to her son as she was dying were things she should have said a hundred times. It’s always what you say on your deathbed to the ones you love that need to be said long long long before that. We put these things off. We wait until it’s tragic. We wait for the perfect moment. We think we have plenty of time. We forget that we are in the middle of a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and we let so much time go by without talking about the elephant in the room. Except there’s no elephant because the zombies are eating it. It takes tragedy to make us talk. It takes epic, colossal failure to get everyone’s attention. It takes zombies beating down your door to tell your son everything he needs to know.

Except it was hardly. I know this is a tv show. I know I get really caught up. Heck, I’m an ENFP, so I got all choked up. I thought about what I would want to say to my son who has been through what he has been through and now I’m dying in his arms and he has to shoot me in the head and he has to take care of the baby and possibly his dad who is insane. What would I say? I think I would have said something like, you know Carl, I’m dying because you didn’t stay in the house like I told you to.

(ok, I hate the typos in this picture. but it made me lol.)


3 thoughts on “walking dead spoilers within…

  1. “Carl, baby I don’t want you to be scared, okay? This is what I want. This is right. Now, you take care of your Daddy for me, alright? And your little brother or sister, you take care of them. You’re gonna be fine. You’re gonna beat this world, I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave. And I love you. You gotta do what’s right, baby. You promise me you’ll always do what’s right? It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So if it feels wrong, don’t do it, alright? If it feels easy, don’t do it. Don’t let the world screw you. You’re so good. My sweet boy. The best thing I ever did. I love you. I love you, my sweet, sweet boy, I love you. Goodnight, love.”

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