lanterns revisited

So I’ve had a pretty decent year, if by “decent” I mean “BEST EVER!!!”

For our wedding reception on Saturday, we wanted to do something beautiful and meaningful to us, and so we launched about 100 some lanterns into the Williamsburg night sky and no cops showed up so that was a plus. It was even prettier than I imagined it would be and everyone we talked to absolutely loved it – I mean after getting over the initial fears of fire and hazards and stuff.

For those who don’t know, the movie Tangled was our inspiration for this. In the movie, every year, the King and Queen lit a lantern in honor of their daughter’s birthday and even when she was gone from them, they lit it to remember her and to keep the hope alive that she was still out there. Of course it’s Disney so she came back, but for us, the important message was that something tragic and painful can be turned into something beautiful and inspirational to many others – those who lit the lanterns with us and the people who got to see them floating in the air – hopefully some random strangers who we will never know looked up that night and smiled and were filled with new hope and wonder. It was beautiful and even better than I imagined it would be 🙂

Here are some photos


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