random robin


It’s so weird to consider that we have been married for a month now. I know that many people say that I will continue to feel like this for a year or more, and I know that I want to be that couple at 80 years old who look at each other and giggle and feel blessed to be together through it all. I think we’ll be a cute old couple.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, life goes on. Reality sets in and there are things to be done, dishes to clean, products to buy, children to entertain, random socks to be found, dogs to walk. And while there are two of you now to do these things, there seems to be twice as many things to do. Except the dog. We have one and trying to have zero. More on that another time.

For all our mistakes before, failed relationships, wounded prides, personal disasters, neither of us have been here before – not right here – and it’s a new path, a road less traveled if you will. (Not cool, Robert Frost!) And it will make all the difference.


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