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cat. bag. out.


Well there it is. I mean he or she. It’s true. Rob and I are expecting what looks like a baby. We kept the secret for the appropriate amount of time according to every article, book, internet expert I read and we told the people we needed to tell in person so now it’s out there. And so it behooves me to release the following statement.

Let’s keep in mind that I’m 39. People say things like “well you didn’t waste any time” and I said time is not meant to be wasted when you are THIRTY NINE. Rob and I talked about it a lot before we got married and the idea of us being near 60 when the kid is in college felt daunting enough. Then again, lots of women are having babies well into their 40s now and it is less of a crazy Sarah/Abraham feeling than it used to be.

Secondly, let’s keep in mind that the calculation of the due date is somewhat contrived. We got the doctor to admit that it’s bunk. They add 2 weeks on because they know it’s messed up and normally who cares, right? But when you got married just under nine months before your due date, you get the raised eyebrows and the barely muffled giggles. No I’m not blushing! I’m pregnant!!! But seriously, it does make us laugh. That’s right! We had sex when we got married! Like a lot. Shocking I know!

Let’s also keep in mind that I am nervous. I mean all the 39 yr old issues aside, it’s also just the most incredible thing ever. Maybe more than being married, which was pretty up there so maybe they’re equal, and more than almost anything else that has happened to me so far. And it’s not just that I’ve waited so long unlike some who had kids really young and it was no less of a big deal then either. But in many ways for me to have a flesh-and-blood relative for the first time ever, kiiiinda gets me weepy and worried alternately. Like I wake up in the middle of the night overwhelmed with joy and total terror at the same time. It’s so much fun. Especially for Rob. I chalk it up to the hormone thing.

So it’s a whole new day and a bright one at that. We are beyond excited and can’t wait to hold our little boo. Who is most likely Hawaiian. 🙂

end of press release.


2 thoughts on “cat. bag. out.

  1. Congratulations. Enjoy your wonder and amazement. Each new life I have welcomed has been an adventure. I always thought it was so cool to realize that there was someone in the world (in me!) that I was going to love more than anything and we hadn’t even met yet.

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