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a year in the life


Dedicated to my dear friends graduating this May and moving onward and upward. May you always see the road clearly and, no matter how treacherous or calm it may appear, always trust in the One who makes your paths straight.

It was a year ago on April 29, 2012, that Rob Wootton came to preach at Grace Covenant in Williamsburg. “Little did he know” that this would start a small avalanche… slow and sporadic at first, fast and epic as time went by. And I would argue it’s still cascading and picking up momentum, and will for years to come.

We didn’t meet that day. But he made me cry. His sermon was on shepherding and a pastor’s heart. Allegedly I wrote a blog about it at the time. And “little did she know” that the man who so moved her church family that Sunday and the next Sunday would be her husband by year’s end.

It goes to show what a year does. What God does. We both followed the signs. We weren’t looking for them. I didn’t consider him as someone I would date. He wasn’t scouting the congregation for Asian chicks. But we found ourselves starting down a road by June that, clearly to us now any way, will never end. And it is good.

I don’t have much advice to give. I have no clue what will come your way in this next year, this next week even. I do know that there are hundreds of roads before you. I do know that this is going to be an exciting and daunting and freeing and sometimes crippling time for you. And I do know that you’ll make a choice, it will lead you down a road, and you will learn something. You could find yourself in your dream job, or the worst job on earth. You can be dating the most brilliant person or the one who breaks your heart. The year may bring death. It may bring new life. It may bring new friends and it may separate friends over time. It is hard to know and why bother trying to predict.

What we know is there is always hope, and more importantly, there is always more than enough grace for you. Come what may, you will always be loved and accepted, if not by others, by God himself. He has called you and claimed you. You belong to Him and He will not ever let you go.

We have every confidence in you. Not because you are so awesome, though you are of course incredibly awesome, but because we know the One who has provided our every need for so long. And sometimes our wants too. And sometimes in the most incredible ways, He orchestrates the most beautiful play in the most stunning way to show us just how very good He is. This happens in the small ways when we stop long enough to notice them, and it happens in huge slap-upside-the-head ways when we think nothing good is happening. He is good. Life is good. You’ll see it more and more. And for that, I am excited for you, for the days to come, for your year ahead.

Blessings to you all. Love love love you.


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