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yo mama

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to go run and hide on Mother’s Day and a few days, maybe weeks, leading up to it. The tv commercials, the ads online, everyone posting blogs about it. Stupid bloggers.

I wrote this blog a few years ago –

Before my own adventure into Babydom in my belly of course – and rereading it now with child doesn’t feel much different. I still rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. My heart hurts for people who so long to have a child. My very soul grieves for countless children who wish they knew their birth mothers. I want to get angry with those who hate their mothers and wish they never knew them. There is such a wide range of emotional response to the word “mother” and Hallmark just simply doesn’t make nearly enough cards to cover it all.

But for me, the larger point of “simply” being alive needs to be the focus. The fact that we all HAVE a mother in the first place reminds us how blessed we are to have life and that God saw fit to bring us into this world. Out of all the seemingly random possibilities of people alive at any given time, we are here together now for a purpose. Believe it. And no matter what your relationship with the woman you call mom and no matter your own struggles as a mom or as a non-mom, you have been called to BE. You have been called to be alive right now, for such a time as this, to learn, to grow, to bless others, to enjoy life to the fullest, to see beauty and goodness in every face, to find light in the darkest corners, and to spread hope and peace. We are called to take care of each other, support each other, cheer each other, caution each other, watch out for each other.

In some ways, being a mother is just a glimpse of how we are supposed to be with everyone. Some people hate the idea of having more than one mother. Sounds overbearing right? But as a mom you get to be overbearing. It’s like your job. You’re supposed to be protective and nurturing and doting and coddling. And at some point, your child will be all “get off me woman” and be independent.

But isn’t there a kind of dependence that is good and healthy and right? What if we treated everyone as if they were our own kid? what would that look like? Do you stay up late worrying and praying for everyone you know? Do you feel the need to tell someone they are making a really terribly bad decision? In love of course, like you would your child who is pouring too much milk into a glass and you see this going really really badly for them?

My point I think is that we learn from the idea of being a mom. or a parent really. not to say moms have the monopoly on being caring because I happen to know plenty of men who rock at nurture and kindness. And maybe in the larger picture what we aren’t saying about mothers’ day is that it takes so much more, as we know, than just popping out a kid to be a mom. And that the lesson learned here is to celebrate the people who care, all of the people, who make the extra efforts for you, who actually think of you and what you need before themselves, who hope for you, want the very best for you, cheer for you, hold you in hard times, and jump up and down with you in good times.  Whoever those people are, celebrate them. And then be that person. Because the best way to honor someone, like your mom, is to aspire to be all the best parts about them.

Sculpture at the Catacumba Park,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
by Nelly Romeo Alves,
Picture taken by Eurico Zimbres


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