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a note for my kids

I don’t know you yet. But I love you.

What I want for you seems simple enough. I want you to be loving and kind. I want you to feel loved and important, regardless of what any one else says or thinks. I want you to be wise and to love honesty, respect, goodness, and justice. I want you to feel compassion and make the path smoother for those around you. I want you to choose goodness and right living no matter who is watching or who will make fun of you. I want you to trust me that I love you and have good intentions for you, and to forgive me when I fail to serve those intentions.

I won’t let you complain and whine without planning on how to make things better. We all give in to whining sometimes. But it’s too easy. I won’t let you take the easy way out. Maybe once in awhile I’ll cover it with ice cream. But then we’ll put our heads together and we’ll find a better way.

I won’t let you make fun of others no matter what. Pointing out others’ flaws is really only holding a mirror to your own insecurities and arrogance. I won’t let you be weak minded and I don’t want you to find pleasure in hurting other people.

I won’t care what your grades are. I’m not going to yell at you when you don’t get straight As. Sure we’ll talk about where you’re struggling and what you don’t understand. But most importantly, I will help you learn. I won’t care if you have grades like any one else’s as long as you’re learning and you like to learn. I will help you find things you like to learn about and we will explore and discover together.

I won’t care if you made a mess, if your hands are dirty, if you lost your jacket. We’ll clean up, we’ll wash up and we’ll try to find what is lost. I won’t have a list of demands, an agenda, or a pre-req for my love and attention. My heart’s concern is where your heart is and what’s on your mind. And when the time comes, you’ll understand what I mean by that.

I will hold you and kiss your head every chance I get and as often as you’ll let me. I will hold your hand not just crossing streets but whenever we are in hand-holding distance. I will tell you you’re beautiful when you are acting beautiful and sometimes even when you’re not at that moment. I will remind you that all that matters is your identity – who you are – and you are loved and a child of a most loving and gracious God who looks on you and smiles and can’t wait for you to run to His arms. He will always love you no matter where you roam. And He, like me and your dad, will rejoice over you with singing.

halfway there, Baby. see you soon.



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