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so that happened

If you haven’t heard yet, well… we had a GIRL! Naomi Gidae Wootton was born at 11:41am Saturday, October 5, 2013. It was pretty rad.

Friday morning at 11am, we had our 41 week appointment, aka the To Induce or Not to Induce appointment. That was the question. By 1:30ish that afternoon we had been monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and one of our doctors came in and said, ok we’re not letting you go home until you have a baby. So it was check in to a delivery room, get all the prep work, IV drip, lovely hospital gown attire, and hurry up and wait.

I was ready of course. Rob was ready. We had packed a bag just in case and brought the car seat with us. Something told us that it would be this weekend but we were trying to not get our hopes up too much. seemed like we could stop not hoping and start hoping.

At this point we had been told by the ultrasound tech that our baby was big. So big that it made her laugh every time she said it. And she had to say it a few times I think to make sure we heard her right. It started out over 9 pounds and then 9 and a half and then “close to 10.” More laughing. She apologized but I understood and we laughed with her. And then I freaked. No, I didn’t really freak. Not out loud any way. It just occurred to me that this delivery thing is painful enough without the tech nervously laughing about you pushing out a 10 pounder. Then the doctor made a joke about me being too small and said “Asians shouldn’t marry Anglos.”

So off to the hurry up and wait room and after increased doses of pitocin and pure pain, we decided on the epidural and if nothing happened by mid morning, we’d be headed for section C. It was actually a great night. I felt great once the nausea from the epidural wore off. I got a lot of sleep and didn’t feel a thing.

Mid morning came and nothin’ doin’, so the day was brought to us by the letter C. It all happened quickly as opposed to the rest of the labor. The Sentara staff were all fantastic and kind and helpful. And since the C section wasn’t an emergency and there were no real risks to consider, they were all super cheerful and at ease. My husband was perfect and supportive and held my hand the entire time. He would have enjoyed (well maybe not quite the right word) watching the whole surgery but they wouldn’t let him of course. I’m sure they’ve had more than a few dads pass out or otherwise interfere and ain’t nobody got time for that.

And true to what we were told all along, everyone on staff was super thrilled that we didn’t know the gender. Each and every staff person said that they were excited and that no one is surprised any more. It made it fun for them too and they were taking bets in the o.r. We told them that we only had a girl name picked out so it would probably be a boy. We must have subconsciously known she was supposed to be Naomi.

And speaking of names, for those asking, the middle name is Gidae. It’s Korean and means expectation or hope. You pronounce it with a hard g like in good. And it rhymes with “V day.” and if you look it up on google, you will see a Korean girl band came out with an album named Gidae. She is not named after that. But she will be listening to it. Hopefully not dressing like those girls though… 😐

So recovery from major surgery is never fun. I fell asleep for awhile after in the recovery room, but I was mostly awake the whole time. There are few things weirder than having someone cutting you open and grabbing your stuff and moving it all about. And then not feeling it until a few hours later. Modern medicine rocks.

Meanwhile, back at the nursery, Rob and Naomi got to know each other a bit while grandmas and grandpa watched through the window. She did great on all her assessments and everyone commented on her full head of hair. She’s already on the high side of the 0-3 month clothes so we’ll see how much she grows in the next few weeks. She sleeps like a log. Unfortunately she cries like a banshee! She’s got a set of singer lungs so that’s good. But I keep telling her she’ll ruin her vocal chords if she keeps up the screaming. We’re praying in time she’ll adjust to the outside world and learn to chill like mom and dad do.

So it’s a mandatory 3 days in the hospital and we settled in to a room. We were the only ones the first two days down on our end of the hall, so that was nice and quiet. Rob and I took turns napping and holding Naomi. She does not like to be put down, but seems to need constant touch. She nursed like a pro from the first feeding so thank God for that! And she seems to be most content in daddy’s arms and snuggling his neck. Which of course I totally understand. She doesn’t seem bothered at all by his beard when he kisses her and she rubs his face with hers and isn’t upset. That I’m sure is a relief to Rob so he doesn’t feel compelled to shave it 🙂

I’m recovering really quickly and have felt pretty good all things considered. Still thankful for modern medicines and the wonderful world of narcotics. Other than when Naomi is crying frightfully I am absolutely excited about our little girl. It’s so unbelievably tough to hear your child scream. But when she calms down and she is just lying there and sweetly staring at the big dark blob that is her mother, there’s just no joy and peace quite like it. She has gotten better as the days go by and has been sleeping really well at night the past few so hopefully that trend will continue.

Here is the only advice I will give to women – MARRY WELL. I could not be any more grateful for Rob and his help in every way. He’s had lots of practice changing diapers and comforting children, which I knew when I married him but really makes me feel so much more at ease as a new mom. You just can’t beat a man up at 3 am in his boxers wiping up poopie, changing diapers, and singing your child back to sleep. I would never have believed it before this past week, but it’s so hot!

It’s also been a huge help to have his mom here who straightened up around the house and got it ready for us to come home, cooking dinners and running to the store for us. And my parents have been helpful and are eager to take care of her and we are so thankful to have family in town. We were able to step out just Rob and me already to run some errands and to take a nice long nap.

So it’s been quite the experience and makes me ever more grateful for good parents, mine and really anyone who does all the hard work of having and raising a child. I honestly don’t know if I could have done this before now and definitely not with anyone other than my husband. It amazes me how, once again, God’s timing works out perfectly.

and here is a song by the Korean girl band, Girl’s Day -기대해


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