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On the occasion of the anniversary of my wedding

Last year around this time today, I was doing my hair, putting on more makeup than I have ever worn in my life and wearing the most expensive dress I have ever had in my life. Why? Because I was a bride.

It was something that seemed really UNreal all that day. I had never been a girl who dreamed about my wedding and had never pictured myself having a big wedding. But when the time came, it was clear to both of us that we HAD to have a big celebration.

There was so much to celebrate… the paths we took to get to each other, the long dark winding roads that finally brought us back into the light and joy of love, pure and free from shame, the hope of a future together.

And that love and joy sustained us through a roller coaster first year. We didn’t have what I would consider the normal adjustment period. Rob and I are so similar in the best and not so great ways that adjusting to each other’s 24/7 existence was no big deal at all.

It was everything outside of “us” that served as a learning curve, adjusting to extended family, step kids, looking for work for Rob, and of course getting pregnant the first week of married life.

This is hands down the best year yet. It was difficult at times, overwhelmingly so. It did not have its lack of trials, temptations, failures, and fears. It was not a perfect year, and in many ways it was humbling and discouraging. So how does that make for the best year ever?

It is in this: we have a hope and a future. Now more than ever we see hope and future lingering, feel it in the air, hear its stirrings like a tune in the distance. And we cling every drop of hope we come across, because we know that no matter what comes, we have each other. As cheesy as that sounds, and as much as I would have rolled my eyes if you said that to me, I have never felt more secure and whatever the exact opposite of extremely lonely is than I do now with Rob. And I know the feeling is mutual and there is nothing like being loved so fully and unconditionally.

What I have learned about love this year is more than I can say in this blog. And I have the feeling this year will be another educational one. Being a new mom and watching my baby grow and learn, telling her it will be all right when she cries, taking care of her every need, all points me to understanding more of God’s love for me. How he shows us glimpses of Himself through the picture of a parent and of a groom. And the gifts He has given me this year shows more of His kindness and goodness to me. Oh how our Father gives good gifts!

And we wait for our next gifts, whatever they may be and whenever they arrive. Our good Father and Husband prepares the way for us and we look to the horizon with the passing of the year before into the new one. We expect a bright tomorrow.

Thank you to all who have prayed for us, supported us, cheered us on and showed kindness and mercy to us this year. We are grateful for all of you and pray you will see and feel the love we have known this year and in the years to come.


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