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you HAVE to watch this one

Seriously. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a good long while. I am admittedly biased – the asian thing, the cute asian girl thing, the teen mom pull-on-your-heart-strings thing. But it is much more than all that. I was expecting it to be a tearjerker and make me smile, but oooohhhh man I wasn’t ready for the twist. I don’t want to spoil it because it really is beautiful to experience it.

Go watch it. Right now. I’ll wait…

So am I right or what?

Oh that we would live life that selflessly, that purely, to do what we can to right the wrongs and to fix the messes that we didn’t make, but have every ability to pour grace out on. I look at my little daughter’s face and I want nothing more than for her to know unconditional love and find that confidence and strength which only comes from Grace beyond measure and to be able to send that love back out onto the world she lives in. To be a truly beautiful, gracious woman. To love with her whole heart and to shine light in even the darkest of places.

The world needs beautiful women like never before. A random video like this gives me hope that we are not lost. And while other parts of our society clamors about for products that make you look pretty or fashion that accentuates all the parts that make you a woman, or while the media and hollywood try to tell us what you need to look like and be like to be desirable or popular or on the cover of every magazine, my hope is renewed that there are some who see beyond all the bright lights and the red carpet for beauty. I believe there are people who are still looking in the right places. I believe there still are women who are more than they appear to be, women who may never catch anyone’s eye or be offered a job on a runway. I believe that there are women who can change the world and we will never know their names, but there’s a child who does. And there’s a life that will never be the same without them. And if we women were to embrace this place of selfless devotion to doing the most good we can do in the place we inhabit right here right now, oh how this world will know love like it needs to, like it so desperately needs to.

May we learn to love more every day. Love changes everything.



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