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things to learn from TV shows

You ever get the feeling that some characters on some shows never actually watched TV or movies before? It’s like the Scream movie. You need to learn to survive from other people’s mistakes. Not that I’m taking these things too seriously. But if I ever get stranded on an island, or find myself in the middle of some kind of apocalypse, I think I’ll do ok. Though I’m pretty sure I’ll look more disheveled than any of these people do.

10. Always believe all the “crazy” people. Most of the time, they are on to something.

9. Never say “I’ll be right back.” Ever.

8. Don’t assume anything. This is true in life too incidentally.

7. Trust no one.

6. Trust no one alone with a baby, especially if that someone is a young impressionable child growing up in the zombie apocalypse.

5. Explanations are best delivered after the crisis is over. Act fast. Talk later. Or else you might not be around to talk later.

4. Imagine the situation way worse than you think it is and you won’t be so surprised, let alone unprepared, when it is actually that bad.

3. Always ration food from day 1.

2. Find a weapon that doesn’t need any ammo. You’ll have a lot of down time. Get good with it.

1. People are always your greatest resource. Treat them better than money or gold or fresh water or food. No one can make it alone. Daryl said so.



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