random robin

woo doggie! my stats are booming!!

So I walked away from WordPress for a few days over the weekend. My husband, 8-month-old daughter, and I went on a little extended weekend visit which is a post for another day. But I checked in on the blog for a few seconds and I gasped. I thought, ok that number has to be wrong. So I logged out and back in (did you turn it off and on again) and held my breath for a moment. Yep. Those are the stats.

I’m not surprised and surprised, if that makes sense. There is always a noticeable jump in numbers when I have posted about sex before, particularly when it dealt with Christians who are struggling to make sense of their sexuality. But this was kinda crazy.

That said, for those of you new to me and mine, please do keep reading and poking around my blog history. One of my fears is that you can’t really post one solitary post to end all posts and cover everything. The last thing I want is to have folks read that post and just think that it doesn’t speak to them and walk away. I often say that each person’s life experience is unique and all we can do is start at the points we share. We have to start somewhere to have the conversations and to help each other make sense of it all.

I love the comments, for this reason, and hope that you keep them coming. Dialogue is my preferred method of learning. Not rhetoric though that has its place. But I love the conversation and listening to each others’ hearts.

So, thanks for stopping in and I hope you’ll come back often. This journey can be long and difficult. Let’s do it together.

Love and blessings,


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