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Wife after God: a 30 day devotional journey

For the next 30 days, I will be reading through the devotional book called Wife after God: Drawing closer to God and your husband by Jennifer Smith.  I have really appreciated her blog and posts on Unveiled Wife and while my marriage is currently perfect (I’m not kidding) I know that it won’t always be and I will always want the encouragement and support of other women who have been married longer and have had their own stories to tell.

So join me daily as I consider some of the things I’m reading and praying about in my marriage. It’s fitting that I’ll end the 30 days on my birthday, Sept. 30th, because really Rob is God’s greatest gift to me, after life and grace through the cross. Even more than Naomi though she is certainly a photo finish second. But I know that God’s gift in marriage is extraordinary and should be the most important human relationship of your life bar none. May I always see him as I do now, and when I don’t, may God give me the grace to see him as God sees him.



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