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Day 8: Confident Worthiness

I have to admit it, the word “worthy” when applied to me feels like a stretch. I don’t like it. At first blush, I think it’s unscriptural. It feels wrong. I am not worthy. There is nothing worthy in me. There is nothing I have done or will do to make me worthy. There is nothing about my personality or my story that makes me worthy.

I think it’s mostly because it feels like putting a kind of price tag on a person. Like how much are you really “worth?” It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable to think about when dating and you are trying to decide whether this person is “worth” the effort? Is this person The One? Is this person worthwhile?

And now you’re saying I have worth? It makes me think of how much I am worth? Who would buy me? How much would it cost? What kind of person would pay the price?

And it hits me. Just how much was paid for my freedom. Just how much was paid for my worship and love. It’s humbling. And it’s hardly about me at all. But it’s about the One who paid the price. And that he came down to me and claimed me for his own. He wouldn’t want me for just any one.

So I am worthy. I do have worth. I am imago dei, an image bearer of God Himself who condescended to me, took up my life and purchased it. That gives me worth. And that gives me the model, the example, of how to respect and give worth to others. That gives me the template upon which my spouse appears in my life, a constant purchasing, a renewed effort daily even hourly as needed, to acknowledge his value, his worth, how much I will go through, endure, forbear, exert, to win him and keep him as mine.

We live in a world where earthly possessions start to lose value the moment we purchase them. And marriages have become just another commodity to trade in when the model is obsolete and the exterior and interiors fade. I pray my marriage will never lose value, but instead increase exponentially in value over time. I pray we will remind each other of our worth. We have worth in each other’s bank accounts. We have worth in each other’s lives. We have worth in each other’s time and effort. We have worth in each other’s earthly goods. We have worth in each other’s hearts. We take up the very most space in each other’s souls. It is worth it. My husband is worth it. And I am worth it to him. I pray we will always be worth it to each other to do whatever it takes to live as ones who are worthy.



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