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Day 22: Pray for your marriage

My husband is a pastor. This makes him a professional pray-er, right? Well, yes and no. The perception is that pastors are “more” spiritual than the rest of us lowly lay people and that they have some special connectedness that your average christian doesn’t have.

Obviously, this isn’t true. But sometimes people still have the tendency to put pastor types on pedestals and think that they do have special first-class status when it comes to God and God’s audience. I remember seeing a cartoon of the Pope in Rome with a direct line to heaven which looked quite a bit like the bat phone, or a red telephone with one button on it that said “God.”

I’ve learned that pastors struggle with all the same things we all struggle with. My husband is a diligent pray-er. He seeks the Lord. He writes out his prayers in a journal. He calls out to God daily, hourly, minute-ly as needed. I know this. He has a rich prayer life and I know that communicates freely and openly and often with His Father. And it’s only because he knows his desperate NEED to do this. He knows that there is no other way to live. He knows that he will only struggle all the more without calling out to God, without falling at the feet of Jesus. For this example, I am very grateful.

And so I pray that he will always cry out to God. I pray that he and I will be more diligent in praying together for the concerns of our lives and the people around us. It is often said that the power of prayer is not in changing circumstances or even other people, but the power is changing YOU as the pray-er. It has been true in my life, as I think through times when I have cried out to God for help and He didn’t necessarily change the circumstances around me, but my heart was more peaceful and trusting in Him and His timing. I pray that in our marriage, we will be a testament to that. I pray that through our marriage and the trials we are facing that others will see what it means to trust and to rest. I know that God is using us and our story to encourage the hearts of others who are also going through difficult times and insecure in their days ahead. But as Rob and I pray together and strive to be faithful in the midst of our uncertainty, God will be pleased and He will see fit to use us. And more importantly, to change us.



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