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Mommy turned one!

It’s been quite a year. I think I’m finally realizing just how much of a mom I am. Like I even have a minivan now. I’ve learned a lot in a year, I think. But I also learned that just when you think you know something, it changes!

I’ve learned to make the bottle BEFORE getting the baby from her crib.

I’ve learned what things distract baby during diaper changes and what things further complicate diaper changes.

I’ve learned to keep all bottled poisons out of reach.

I’ve learned how high out of reach actually is.

I’ve learned to keep trying on the next size clothes every few days. It feels like the window of opportunity closes within like a week or two.

I’ve learned that God gives us children to remind us how whiny and ridiculous WE can be as adults.

I’ve learned how “No” means do it one more time.

I’ve learned that if mama plays with something, baby girl will instantly want it. This knowledge is possibly the most useful of all lessons.

I’ve learned that watching Law and Order SVU is exponentially more troubling as a parent of a little girl.

But mostly I’ve learned that there is nothing more beautiful than holding your one year old in your arms and feeling your heart overflow with love and hope and peace and dreams and sugar and spice and grace and goodness and sweetness. She has been one of the greatest joys my heart has ever known and I pray daily to learn how to love her, how to love because of her, how to love from her, and how to love alongside her, for as long as grace allows.

We love you, Naomi Gidae Wootton!




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