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love changes everything

Human love is a fragile thing. People say they fall in and out of love. How can that be? It’s like saying you fell into the sky. At least real Love, the kind with a capital L. I think we have such a hard time with love because our experiences can be so disappointing. Someone who promises you forever lets you down after a dozen or so years. Forever was too long for their love.

Not that I’m encouraging anyone to watch it, but the movie Legends of the Fall has this poignant scene where Brad Pitt’s character comes home after a long period of time away and finds out Julia Ormond’s character – who had promised him she would wait forever – has gotten married to his brother. It’s so painful to watch. She even says that forever was too long. It’s a story of course. But how many of us have experienced this for ourselves? All great stories have the ring of truth.

So we have trouble believing in a forever love. Love is too fragile, too lame in our experience. It breaks. It ebbs and flows with time. It lets us down. It dashes our spirits. We make some kind of half-hearted vow to never love that much again because it hurts too much. And even in this, we are fragile. We “fall” again, don’t we? It’s almost comical. If it weren’t tragic.

What would you do for a true forever love? What would you risk? What would you give? What sacrifice would you make? And how would you prove it? How can I believe you love me that much just by what you tell me? I’ve been told that before.

Oh to know this forever love. It’s what the world groans for. It’s what all people, all souls, everywhere long for, pine for, work for, ache for… to find at last the one Love for all time. We are nine days away from a trumped up holiday that attempts to celebrate this love, heralding it as the greatest gift, virtue, to be given. And it is.

Oh that you will know Forever Love.

I think of my husband. I think of his pains in feeling unloved, unaccepted, and less than whole. I think of the difference Love has made, first through his belonging to the King, and then the gift of King through me. You can say I’m God’s gift to Rob 😉 I think of the ways I can daily, even hourly remind him of how much he is wanted, needed, appreciated, fully known and fully loved. That I will always love him this much, even on the days I don’t feel so loving. To remind him that love is not my job or something to work on. It is FACT. It is as sure as my soul and I can’t fall out of my soul. He is my soul. He is my forever. And as one who is beloved, he can live and breathe in freedom and with perfect confidence come what may.

I think of my kids, how I want them to know that no matter what they are loved. That their dad and I will always love them as much, or more if that’s possible, than we do now, no matter what they do or don’t do for all their days. How I want them to explore the world and find their way knowing – KNOWING – that they are first and foremost LOVED so completely and fully. I want to see the difference that makes. I want them to see the way Love makes so firm a foundation, so sure a footing, so confident any undertaking. I want them to know that they cannot be separated from the Love of Christ and as their parents seek to know more of that Forever Love, they will impart all they can onto them.

And I think of my God. How He created the mold for Love. How He set the bar high and keeps us to it. I think of how it’s His Love that moved Him into action, how He was willing to do so much for me – even me! – and pours His Forever Love on my head in abundance so much so that it must fall on those near me, splashing it’s warmth and goodness all around. This Love motivates – it’s the only motivator, really, that works for any length of time. This Love covers us – entirely, fully, completely. This Love isn’t based on me, not on my actions and inactions, not on my attitudes or great strivings. It doesn’t ebb and flow with the seasons or the tides. It is constant, it is good, it is true. This Love doesn’t have a “too long.” This Love is the foundation for all other loves, the example, the standard, molding and shaping our human attempts into something superhuman and glorious. Oh how I pray you know This love in your heart of hearts, in your soul.

This Love changes everything.



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