Top five reasons I’m not reading your email this week

Here is an auto-reply from me:

5. I’m in the hospital, participating in a miracle. Kinda busy.

4. I may be under anesthesia, getting multiple layers of flesh and organs put back together and stitched up. Still kinda busy.

3. If that’s all over I’m probably sleeping.

2. If I’m awake, I’m lying in a bed not really capable of getting up on my own and if I have a device to read emails nearby, I’m still not doing it.

And the #1 reason I’m not answering your email this week: I am snuggling, nursing, staring at, kissing, memorizing the face of, praying for, laughing and/or crying at, and generally enchanted with my hours-days old baby girl who is a 100 billion times more important than whatever you’re emailing me about.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words during our pregnancy. God has been good to us and will always be good!! We can’t wait to share His newest blessing with you! Love and grace to all.



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