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the blessings of a stranger

I was encouraged by a stranger the other day. It was brief and full of weighty mystery. My surprise made me speechless and I wasn’t sure what I would have said even now thinking back on it. So I suppose I blog because it’s the way I think best.

It made me realize that our actions do not go unnoticed. I don’t know what this particular person was saying for sure. I didn’t have a chance to ask and this person didn’t offer any further explanation. All I know is I felt affirmed in some weird way that my labor was not in vain.

It also made me realize that God uses truly mysterious ways of speaking to us. He sends encouragement when we need it most. I was feeling particularly awkward like someone who showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time. But God told me I was exactly where I needed to be. There was no question.

It reminded me to always speak when you have something kind and uplifting to say, out of sincerity and truth. Too many times people say random things or compliment people for all the wrong reasons. This person had absolutely no reason to say what was said and could have ignored me altogether. But there we were and here I am reminding myself that God speaks through His people more often than I realize and much more often than I take part in. How many times have I stopped myself from saying anything to someone out of insecurity or being afraid of protocol and whatever social mores are holding me back? How many times have I just stood in a situation feeling awkward and lost instead of considering what I could say to another to support them and affirm them? How many times am I so wrapped up in my own head and afraid or, maybe worse, overcompensating by vying for attention and pleasing the crowd? Most of the time I am a withering wallflower, weary of polite but insincere conversation and attempts at passing the time as quickly as possible. But God reminded me that day how very much He loves me and He sees me. He sees my weakness. He knows my name. He sends His messenger to lift my soul, to give me nourishment, and to renew my strength. What a God to love me so well, even when I am not thinking of Him at all. What a Father to hold me in His arms through the care of another person. What a God who serves ME, even ME! Like Elijah in need of hope, He sends it, simply, quietly, almost missed in a blink of an eye if I wasn’t paying attention. I’m paying attention, God. I really am.



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