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do you see what I see

I post a lot of pictures on social media. I can admit it. I mean, I do have a photo album on Facebook named “A billion pics of my daughters.”

But if you know me, and if you’re on my Facebook friends list, you know that there’s more than just cute photos going on for me. You would also know some of my story.You would know that getting married for the first, and last, time at 39 would seem “late” in a traditional sense. You would know that 39 is of “advanced maternal age” and there’s no debate about that.

I wonder if we always consider what’s behind pictures we see. I wonder about the faces and what their eyes have seen. I wonder what the story is, even if I know bits of it, because I can admit that no matter how well you think you know someone, there may be other things – thoughts, dreams, hopes, disappointments, fears – that you have yet to know or see in that someone. Because there always are.

So I hope that people see something more. I hope they’re reminded of many truths…

… that “late” is a word for term papers and bills.

… that sorrow will turn into joy, and loneliness into laughter.

… that the world is filled with awe and wonder when you know where to look.

… that hope put in anything else but the Source of life and truth will always be a hope deferred.

… that God still works. That He sees you and He knows your story. That He loves you and is building into you a strength and knowledge of grace like you have never known before. That you can rest in His goodness and mercy surprising you with good gifts whenever you don’t overlook them.

And that is what I see in every picture. Of my kids. Of my husband. Of my friends. Of my friends’ kids and families and flowers and pets and sunrises and sunsets and beaches and mountains and new shoes. Behind every picture is a beautiful person, made in the image of God, breathed into by the Source of life and love, a vessel for God’s glory and grace. Do you see it? Look again and again and again, until you do.



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