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random thoughts on a heartbreaking event

These really will be random. I don’t have the time or energy today to put together a well crafted blog or treatise on what is wrong with the world. I’m tired of it. But I have so many thoughts running through my head. I have to get them out.

There are people in the world who, when looking back over their lives, honestly really believe they haven’t done anything wrong, at least not that wrong. Woe to them. And I wouldn’t want to trade places with them for one moment.

There are people in the world who only make excuses for everything they do, think, believe, and want. They have little to no capacity to consider how everything about this is in direct contrast and at war with other people and their desires, dreams, plans, and beliefs. It creates a kind of social hierarchy and can’t help but lead to oppression.

Our society, as a collective, gives the benefit of the doubt to the people we want to give the benefit of the doubt to. Don’t mince words. You will go to great lengths to explain some things and no lengths whatsoever to explain what you don’t want to understand or even admit exists.

As a society we are lazy. As individuals we are lazy. We are cold hearted. We do enough to make ourselves feel better. What about doing everything you can until you hurt?

What about praying until it hurts? We often say and think, all I can do is pray. Why do we say that? It betrays how we have such little faith. God hears the repentant and hopeful heart. Lifted together for the righteous ways of heaven, He will answer us. We pray for the wrong things. We pray that other people will change. We pray that we’ll get our way. We pray that we’ll be vindicated, proven right, honored, respected. We pray that everyone will just be more like us. Oh forgive us. Oh remind us that we first need You, so much more of You. Change MY heart. Change MY ways. Convict me of MY sin and change my mind wherever I have been wrong and stubborn.

Guide us, great Jehovah. We are pilgrims in a weary land. Have mercy on us. Help us to see where we are wrong. Help us to close our mouths and listen to voices we have never bothered to hear before. Help us to open our eyes to see the way You see. Help us to guard our hearts from bitterness and rage, tools of the enemy to keep us from compassion and grace, spinning our wheels and going no where. Give us the Gospel more and more each day. Show us what we CAN do, right here, right now and today.

And come quickly.



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