reviewing the situation

As we look back over 2016, consider some things. and if you’re like me, you don’t stop there because you know how 2016 is connected to 2015 and that was connected that series of events in 2012 which were precipitated by something that happened in 2007, and so on…

Consider where you’ve been.
Consider where you’re going.
Consider who has been with you.
Consider who has never been with you.
Consider the costs you’ve paid to have the life you lead.
Consider the costs you’re willing to pay to have the life you think you want or deserve.
Consider again the cost that has been paid for your life.
Consider what will be in your heart and head in the very moment you leave this life.

There’s this wonderful, albeit slightly creepy, scene in the musical version of Oliver Twist where the character we aren’t supposed to like at all, Fagin, considers his lot in life and his present circumstances. He goes back and forth on his options in life, a life crime or an honest wage, a bachelor or a man with a ball and chain. And at the end of the movie version, we’re left with him and Dodger returning to the life of crime they always knew and can’t get away from.

I’ve been thinking alot about a precious woman who has lost her granddaughter this past week to a car accident on Christmas day. It is breaking my heart to think about. No one should ever bury their child or grandchild. It is not the way it should be. It is not the design. But what I’m reminded of again and again in this season is that Jesus himself knew our pain. He knew our sorrow and his heart broke because of death.

What is the only comfort in this life? You might replay the heartbreaks of your life over and over, trying to make sense of why and if only. Maybe you’re the type to define yourself by sorrow. Maybe your story reads like a tragedy so far.

The question is do you need to review the situation again? I say keep reviewing it. Review it over and over until you come to the place your heart was meant to find. The peace that passes understanding. The comfort that makes no sense to those who have not found it yet. Review your place in life and your circumstances until you stop making the same choices, returning to the same habits and ways you’ve always had. Stop dealing with circumstances in the way you always have. Review yourself until you see what needs to change. Don’t go in the same circles you’ve been trapped in. You’ve been down there, Neo. You know that road and that’s not where you want to be. Review your situation again. Keep reviewing until you find Jesus.

Seek Him in 2017. I guarantee very little in life, but I can guarantee that if you seek Him, really look, you will find Him. Or rather, He’ll find you.



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