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things I’m trying out

I think it’s important to try things, even things I used to not like because once in awhile I find that I’ve changed. For example, I used to prefer ketchup on hot dogs and I’d try mustard on a hot dog every few years just to see if that changed. Well, this past year, it did. I don’t hate it like I used to, and I actually will put mustard on it some of the time.

So, in no particular order:

  • I’m trying to love and learn how people actually feel loved.
  • I’m trying to not check Facebook on my phone and especially first thing in the morning, maybe once a day is just right.
  • I’m trying to really listen to my children babbling and look them in the eye for long periods of time.
  • I’m trying to hug them when they are screaming and whiny and remind them that I love them so very much.
  • I’m trying to never yell. Ever. At all. (so hard)
  • I’m trying to really listen/read the “other” point of view even when I disagree vehemently.
  • I’m trying to not disagree vehemently as much.
  • I’m trying to pray all day long.
  • I’m trying to drink more water.
  • I’m trying to stay in touch with people better. Like really stay in the loop about their lives and what’s going on with their hearts and minds.
  • I’m trying to find the good in things when good is not around…
  • I’m trying to find the compassion button in myself, and in those who want to have honest conversations. Grace is grown out of compassion.
  • I’m trying to love even more.
  • I’m trying to be a kind wife, full of encouragement, with no bitterness, and a non-existent list of complaints or grievances.
  • I’m trying to put myself dead last.
  • I’m trying to see God’s heart and let it take over my own.
  • I know, I know. Do or do not… but trying is ok if you’re not a Jedi. I’m still trying to be a Jedi.



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