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what it means to woman

There’s a lot of talk these days about being a woman. I don’t have it in me, at least not today and maybe not in the near future, to talk at length about it all. People, including very intelligent and ambitious women, try to oversimplify very complex issues, whether they know they’re doing this or not. They try to make womanhood something you can put on a sign or a tweet. They try to say that feminism is a word that can be defined in something less than 5000 pages.

I don’t think real women are worried. I don’t think that those who know who they are can lose who they are, not in any extensive or complete way. It doesn’t matter what is being said or done. There are choices to be made in each of our lives, personally and corporately, and our voices don’t have to be screaming to be heard. They just don’t. Not where it counts. So much has changed for us and so much still needs to change, both for us and IN us. But I’m not worried. I won’t be worried or fearful, not for my daughters and their daughters. I have trust in something much bigger, SomeONE much bigger, who defined me and them so long ago. Nothing will change that or redefine that, not in a million years.

If I had to say it, this is how much I would say a woman is and does…

Women don’t compare. They encourage.

Women don’t compete. They enlighten.

Women don’t complain. They change.

Women don’t fear. They love.

Women don’t despair. They hope.

Women don’t go backwards and become girls again. They remember being girls. They laugh at girly antics. They gently but firmly admonish girls. And they grow up. They help girls grow up. They help boys grow up. And by the grace of God they love being exactly who and what they are, and that’s not going to cave in any time soon.

It’s not hard to be a woman these days. If we keep telling ourselves it is, we’ll never move forward. If we keep repeating the shame of the past, we’ll never get out from under it. We are beautiful and glorious and “very good.” It’s always been. It will always be. It’s just time for us all to grow up. It’s time to put off childish things and to love. For real.



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