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things I’m (re)learning while preggers

Just re-reading some of the blogs I’ve posted on motherhood – before I was a mother 🙂 God is good to me. He was. And still is.

The wife & times of Reverend Wootton

Well here we are at 39 weeks… I’ll say something everyone says… It went by fast! Our first nine months of marriage went by fast. It’s hard to believe that this time last year I wasn’t even engaged yet. And here we are! Love sure changes everything.

Off and on throughout my pregnancy I’ve been reminded of little life lessons. I knew these things, but the past 9 months have reinforced them in a new way, a unique way, in the context of babymaking.

Waiting is hard

You’ve seen little kids melt down while waiting, right? Waiting on a line or waiting for their meal to be ready, or waiting for dad to get out of the bathroom so they can go wherever they’re going. They stomp around and weep and it feels like FOREEEEVVVVEEERR!!!

I get it. I totally do. Can we go yet? Are you done yet? Will…

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