all the hairs

My husband has lots of facial hair. Let’s just agree on that. He likes to shave and not shave and then shave in various places on his face so that it’s come to be known every year as the annual beard subtraction. Facebook friends and IRL friends comment on it and some look forward to it happening, and miss it when it doesn’t happen. It’s amusing to him, to me, and to most people.

I was sitting across from him yesterday as he sat looking out the window. We have a great rental house which was a complete Godsend for sure. There’s a bay window in the front of the living room looking out over our street and the street perpendicular to us. We can look out in 3 directions from the chairs we put there and it’s really a pleasant way to relax. Watching my husband in the afternoon light, I was so struck by how handsome he is. I am often struck by how handsome he is. I’ve had more than one friend tell me he is hot, which makes me gloat, and then realize that God is good to me in more ways than I can imagine.

What I also was struck by was the Beard. It’s kind of huge now. You can put small braids in it. I’ve tried. It isn’t a pleasant feeling for him, so I don’t do it as often as I would like to. It amuses me. He has the beginnings of a Viking, wizard, lumberjack, I don’t know. All the above. It’s impressive. Other men with beards nod at him. This is a man thing.

I thought about the hairs on his head. I thought about the phrase “even the hairs of your head are all numbered.”

God knows. He knows what you’ve done. He knows what you’re going to do. He knows what you’re thinking about doing. He knows what you’re thinking about doing and will never do. He knows all your seasons of life. He knows your ups and downs. Failures and hopes. He knows every hurt. Every conflict. Every broken relationship. Every infidelity. Every unfaithfulness to your spouse, to your children, to your calling, to your church, to your family, to your work, to your own self. He knows your heart and mind. Every hair.

He loves you still. And He is redeeming you. He’s redeeming all of it. He’s working on the things you’ve done and making them new and beautiful. He is whispering to you that you must trust Him more. He is telling you that you are going the wrong way, thinking the wrong thoughts, behaving in the wrong patterns. Will you listen to the One who knows your number? All the hairs. He knows how many you had before you shaved and after. He knows the course of your life, with all the “detours” and misguided wanderings. He knows you through and through. He loves you still. You are His. He bought you at a great price. Will you walk in this Jesus-value you’ve been given? Will you worry about the future? Will you strive for self-sufficiency? Or, will you live as one valued and treasured and known and loved?

“Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

I am now wondering if a sparrow has as much hair as my husband’s face…




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