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more take-aways on the sexual landscape

There will be many, maybe you, who will think that this is out of hand. I’ve seen people post things on social media about witch hunts and bandwagons. People are out for blood – trying to bring down otherwise “good” men who made a mistake. Maybe it was an error in judgment. Maybe it was a one time incident that has been blown out of proportion. Maybe we are just soooooo touchy and sensitive these days and we should just ease up and you know, let boys be boys.

No. Just no.

Can we finally be at the point where we recognize and admit that we are where we are now because maybe we have taken sexuality too casually? That we have distorted and mangled sexual relationships into quick fixes and cheap thrills? Can we finally confess to each other that we’ve let ourselves be continually degraded, sometimes overtly in a warped sense of triumph, and sometimes so subtly no one noticed? That we’ve dragged down perhaps the most tangible, magical representation of the glory of our souls joined together in physical form?

Maybe now our culture will admit it is reaching rock bottom. We all know that far too often nothing actually improves until we’ve hit rock bottom. So maybe we can start seeing what we’ve tolerated and, in fact, allowed to flourish as bottom and not the top. Maybe we can begin to understand that what we think we’ve accomplished in a sexual revolution has actually been an apocalypse and we’re only starting to dig out from our sanctuaries. Maybe we can stop celebrating our sexual freedom and realize that it brought with it our most horrific casualties.

I have said before in my blog that our country is at a huge turning point in its history. America is a relative teenager to the globe, and our hormones, and subsequently our acne, are raging. It’s time we grow up and rise to the challenge. We must do better. For our sakes, our childrens’ sakes.

And it starts with me. And it starts with you. We’re all pointing fingers, but I’m telling you right now, it has to start with me. It HAS to start with you. Just you. It’s time to clean house. It’s time to address personally and thoroughly, each of us taking responsibility for what is ours to take…

  • Maybe for you this means coming forward and saying I did something I should never have done. It’s time to think about that.
  • Maybe for you it means going to someone to beg for forgiveness. Doesn’t matter how long ago. You know who and you know you should.
  • Maybe it means we all need to think twice, then three times, then ten more times after that before saying or doing something that could change everything.
  • Maybe for us it means as a society we stop picking and choosing what is damaging to our souls and thinking that we can make sex whatever we want it to be and recognize it for the power it holds.
  • Maybe it’s time to grow up and put away our childish obsessions with all things sex and treat it and each other with dignity.
  • Maybe we need to beat ourselves up a little bit more than we tend to do.
  • Maybe we need to love each other a lot more than we tend to do.
  • Maybe it’s true after all, that “God is not mocked. We will reap what we sow.”

“In His name, all oppression shall cease.”

The Gospel is so clear in this season of Advent. We await the coming of a King who will wipe away every tear, who has already won against sin and death, who will come again to restore all things. And he has already started. Redemption is here. I take part in it daily as I seek to do the good I have been given, what I have seen and tasted. I share the hope and the peace I have known through the work of Jesus in my heart and mind. I know the deepest, richest grace in the midst of my heartache and shame. Maybe it’s time for you to know this too. Do you want to know grace? Are you willing to know grace? Do you want to see a society that radiates this grace and kindness and hope? This is your come to Jesus moment. This is your moment to cast out all your sin, turn out your cupboards and closets, open the doors, and let the Light shine and dwell inside. You cannot hide any more. Hiding is oppression. Guilt is oppression. Arrogance is oppression. Believe me. Please believe me.

Come, Lord Jesus. Fill the hearts and minds of every dear reader. Start with me.



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