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there are ZERO reasons for anyone to go hungry in the USA

That’s right. I’m going there. Next Thursday, most of us reading this will pig out. We’ll eat too much. Drink too much. Too much. (thank you Dave Matthews for the lyrics)

I’m pointing at you, woman in the mirror!!

Please don’t overeat.

Please don’t think it’s funny.

Please take a full plate to shut ins, elderly, single parents.

Please make a plate FIRST, not leftovers. Think of people who you know who need it and make theirs first.

Please invite someone who is not immediate family or dear friends that always come.

Please consider donating time or resources to food banks this week. And every week after.

Please do not waste anything.

Any. Single. Thing.

Please consider feeding Jesus.

Not a joke. But it could turn into one. It’s not though. He’s serious.

You feed me. You clothe me. You give me drink.”

To the glory of God and the beauty of His kingdom…



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