Wootton Family Adventures… the Next Chapter…


That’s right. Have you heard of it? Montana probably. Billings maybe.

Rob has accepted a call as the Church Planting Pastor at Rocky Mountain Community Church in Billings. Find out more below!

So, here are some FAQs that you may have…


Our last day with our current church is Sunday, August 25th. There are several things that need to happen before then. Nate is starting school at Virginia Tech – classes don’t start til Aug 26, so we’ll be bringing him to Blacksburg some time the week before. The schools in Billings start by Aug 22nd and at least Naomi will be in 1st grade, and Miri possibly in a PreK program and they will have to start a couple weeks late. We hope to be in Billings by September some time.


We’ll be living in Billings, Montana. It is the highest populated area of Montana (in a state where there are literally more cows than people) and it’s a growing city. Reading online about a place is not always the best way, but there are some good links here to get familiar. We also plan on sending out a prayer letter with a map in a few weeks. I know I have never looked at a map of Montana before about 6 months ago. It is a beautiful place and we both are very excited about exploring the outdoors and the Big Sky!

https://ci.billings.mt.us/     https://www.visitbillings.com/     https://livability.com/mt/billings


The church we’ll be working with is Rocky Mountain Community Church https://rmccmontana.org/ They are a part of the PCA denomination and the Rocky Mtn Presbytery. It’s a large church (300+ members) and lots of families. We were encouraged by many of the folks we met while we were out there in March and are excited to plug in to the community quickly. We are eager to see what the needs of the neighborhoods in Billings are and how we can use all of our skills, talents, and interests to help this part of God’s kingdom.


Rob will be on staff for the first year we’re out there and will be helping them in thinking through more outward-focused efforts including church planting of course. During that time we’ll be looking at best places to start a church plant in the different parts of the city. We also plan to be renting a house for a bit before finding the area we’ll settle in and plant the church.  We have our eye on a couple specific areas, but just praying we’ll find the right place at the right time.


Ever since Rob and I met, we knew this could be the direction God leads us – church planting and the West. Rob has had literally hundreds of conversations with men all over the country in the PCA, and outside of the PCA, talking about his life story and why God loves the Church. We strongly believe that there are areas in the country that need more churches and there are areas that need the churches that exist to revive. We have been doing the revival part for a few years now. We’ve had some great experiences and some tiresome along the way. As you know, ministry is hard work, but in the power of Jesus we do see him working and changing people so, no matter how slow, it is good work.

Meanwhile, we pursued a path that opened for Rob starting over two years ago, and we prayed that God will close doors if this wasn’t the direction we needed to go. God has not and the door has only gotten bigger and even more compelling. We are excited for this work ahead of us and ask God to build the house. We know it means being so very far from loved ones and some of you, our family. But we also know that time together will be even more sweet when it does happen, and that we are each called to be the light and salt in different places and in different ways. And our door is always open should you want to take an adventure out west… and we KNOW you do!! 🙂


For Abi – she’s scheduled to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth Univ. in December with a BFA in Crafts. She already has a part time job in her field working with a local jeweler. Pray that her work in Richmond turns into a full time job and that she can begin to market and sell her own jewelry. Pray also for her community in Richmond and that she finds a church she can call home.

For Nate – lots of changes happening for him – Tech in the fall, being far away from his little sisters and Rob and me. We have been so blessed in watching him learn and grow over the past few years and we will all miss his daily presence so very much. Pray he finds solid friends who are Christians and can encourage him in his walk and understanding of who he is in Christ. Pray that he has a great roommate and enjoys campus life and his course of study.

For the girls – they are both excited and scared of moving. It’s really interesting to watch. They both have inherited their parents’ love of adventure, but they also have hesitations, and rightly so. It’s a big move and we’ve been trying to talk with them about how it’s ok to be excited and scared. We are too! Pray that we all grow together with grace and wisdom and learning to depend more and more on Jesus.

For the wife – lots of moving parts to assemble!! Pray that I don’t steer too far down the “I can handle anything” path or the “I am a total complete mess” path. Pray that I stay close to Jesus every step and to my husband. Big life changes can cause a lot of stress and build up resentments that go unspoken and unchallenged. Pray that we are honest and forgiving with each other even in our very worst moments. Pray that our marriage grows even stronger as we enter this phase of life together and are examples to our kids of how to handle stress and disappointments as they arise.

For the husband – pray for wisdom and leadership, that he will help our current congregation adjust (again) to change. They’ve known it’s a temporary pastorate but it can still be hard to see him go. He has been a great leader and friend and many have been so encouraged by him. Then pray for his future work, that he can graciously dive in the deep end with Rocky in Montana, and lead them well in reaching the people NOT coming to church. Pray that he gets a sense of the city quickly and makes good connections with folks – pray that he is able to continue sharpening and using his gifts, that he stays dependent on Jesus and the work of the Spirit, without burning out or getting lost in his efforts. The kingdom advances regardless. We get the privilege to be a part.

We are excited. We are humbled. We are committed to and strengthened by the work of God for the good of His people and for His glory. Reach out and ask questions if you have them – if you’ve read this far 😉

Love to all.


  1. Hello! My husband, Bill and I noticed that you were on our church prayer news but don’t remember meeting you. As a result we really didn’t quite know what your calling was. I looked you up on line and was happy to find this blog so we can pray with more knowledge. Our church is Immanuel in Norfolk, VA. Blessings, Carol MacDonald

    • oh wow thanks for letting us know and for praying. We were in Virginia for a few years before moving to Montana. (Rob knows folks at Immanuel and had been a ruling elder at Trinity before going to seminary.)

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