about robin

– I am a wife, mother, stepmom, daughter, sister, friend, hack musician, writer/blogger, but most importantly, a child of the King.

– I currently live in Billings, MONTANA! Really excited to be here as of Sept. 2019. Before this I lived in Long Island, New York City, Denver, Los Angeles, Prince George, and Williamsburg, VA.

– I was born in South Korea, adopted at the age of 6 months-ish in 1974.

– I got married at the age of 39 for the first and last time.

– I got pregnant at the age of 39 and had my first baby at the age of 40! I then proceeded to have baby 2 at the age of 41.

– I have the greatest man ever for a husband. He is a PCA Pastor and the most important and profound way God has shown me just how much He loves me.

Thanks for reading. I can only hope that what you read serves you well, that you hear something of the Grace I have come to know, and that you “leave this space” challenged, renewed, encouraged, and loved!




4 thoughts on “about robin

  1. Sister, you are a blessing! I’ve only read two articles so far and…wow! I love how He uses you to make His Gospel and His Grace attractive. Your writing style is not only compelling — but your topics are equally insightful, confirming and inspirational. Thank you for listening and sharing as the Spirit leads you. It is pretty evident that you know Him quite intimately… Unlimited Blessings to you!

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