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welcome to my least popular post to date: moms are the worst

I’m posting this ahead of Mothers’ Day. Bring it. Moms are the worst. No one does the kind of long-term emotional damage that a mom can do. Sometimes with constant nagging, berating, belittling. Sometimes just one look at the exact moment you needed the exact opposite of that particular look. It sticks with you. FOR.… Continue reading welcome to my least popular post to date: moms are the worst

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on pruning and discipline

Imagine you’re home one day and there’s a knock on your door. A nicely dressed gentleman stands there and smiles. He says Good morning. He asks how you are. Then he tells you that he stopped by because he noticed that you have been pruning your crepe myrtle all wrong. Let’s say you haven’t finished… Continue reading on pruning and discipline

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repenting of all my defaults

There are two definitions of de·fault. I’m using the second… /dəˈfôlt/ noun 2. a preselected option adopted by a computer program or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer. verb 2. to revert automatically to (a preselected option). My default position is where I land on things without thinking about it. You’ve… Continue reading repenting of all my defaults

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repenting of my YELPing

When YELP first hit the scene, I remember my very tech-savvy, foodie friends jumping all over it. They left reviews for ALL THE THINGS. And people became mayors of things. Or was that some other app? See, I don’t even know. I don’t have any real interest in crowd-sourcing. Always wanted to try crowd surfing… Continue reading repenting of my YELPing