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the gospel according to Wonder Woman

There will be spoilers to follow, so proceed with caution. First off, I enjoyed Wonder Woman much more than I would have thought going in. I read less than one review beforehand, meaning I stopped reading it when it said there would be spoilers. I also tried to pay no attention to the speculation and… Continue reading the gospel according to Wonder Woman

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the chains of forgiving

It could be said that we completely misunderstand how to “forgive one another.” At least we don’t do it well or we don’t even bother doing it, because we have a definition of forgiveness that is too consuming and overwhelming. Or maybe we grew up with the forgive and forget definition. Or the ignore it… Continue reading the chains of forgiving

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is your forgive button ready?

I think forgiving is a habit. I think that the point of the “70 times 7” saying is that Jesus knew the more we do it, the closer it becomes to habit. He knows our hearts. He knows the habits our hearts form. He knows that we have a habit of being bitter, angry, begrudging,… Continue reading is your forgive button ready?