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the gospel according to Sam-I-Am

I was reminded recently of the kind of mind-numbing, repetition of a pastor’s call while reading the book Green Eggs and Ham to my kids. You know the story. Sam-I-Am keeps asking over and over and over and over to that random Cat in the hat looking character, “Do you like green eggs and ham?”… Continue reading the gospel according to Sam-I-Am

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exchanging Christmas

Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted this year either. There’s a high probability that this is true for you, whoever you are reading this. Maybe there are things that happened that prevent you from really engaging in the beauty and wonder of the season. Maybe your life is so painful and the hurt so… Continue reading exchanging Christmas

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all things new or all new things?

“Behold I am making all things new.” Some time ago, I read good advice on how to keep your kids from being bored with their toys. You take at least half of what they have and you box them up and out of sight. You have some toys that are only for the car, some… Continue reading all things new or all new things?

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no mistakes

It’s no mistake that the very road that leads to suffering and death is the road of salvation. It’s no mistake that you have to give up life to receive life. It’s no mistake that the impossible becomes possible. That the world as you know, the reality as you have called it, flips upside down,… Continue reading no mistakes

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do you love me

Now that I can dance… No, I’m kidding. This isn’t about dancing. But I have been thinking a lot about how someone knows they are loved. How do you KNOW it – down to your toes? I’ve been watching people loving on my mother-in-law and us, her family, during the loss of her mom. I… Continue reading do you love me