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don’t @ everyone

There are a lot of people who don’t understand relational capital and it shows.   Relational capital is a concept of intangible worth often used in corporate settings. It could mean that you have a good relationship with someone in another company and you trade in on each other’s good standings in some mutually beneficial… Continue reading don’t @ everyone

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a brief reflection on Esther and “a time as this”

So people talk about Esther/Hadassah when they are quoting “Such a time as this” – which has been floating around a lot lately because our “time” is so incredibly wonky. (I can’t say unprecedented any more because well, when does it cross into actually having precedent?) Esther was the (in)famous Queen of the Jewish people… Continue reading a brief reflection on Esther and “a time as this”

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reminders of grace and consequences

Whenever a public figure’s moral failures come to light, I usually react in a myriad of ways. Disgust, anger, discouragement, among a few of them. But when it happens, I also remind myself of a few things that must be There is nothing new under the sun. This is a renewed and continuing call to… Continue reading reminders of grace and consequences