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Wootton Family Adventures… the Next Chapter…

BILLINGS, MONTANA!!! That’s right. Have you heard of it? Montana probably. Billings maybe. Rob has accepted a call as the Church Planting Pastor at Rocky Mountain Community Church in Billings. Find out more below! So, here are some FAQs that you may have… WHEN? Our last day with our current church is Sunday, August 25th.… Continue reading Wootton Family Adventures… the Next Chapter…

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weighing in on Rachel Held Evans

I know. I know there are many more accomplished, authoritative voices on this, but hey. I’m a blogger. I blog. Mostly this here blog is for me anyway, so here I go blogging about as if I have something to say. I was really sad when I heard that RHE was in a coma. Lots… Continue reading weighing in on Rachel Held Evans

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on pruning and discipline

Imagine you’re home one day and there’s a knock on your door. A nicely dressed gentleman stands there and smiles. He says Good morning. He asks how you are. Then he tells you that he stopped by because he noticed that you have been pruning your crepe myrtle all wrong. Let’s say you haven’t finished… Continue reading on pruning and discipline